Clearblue Releases First Of Its Kind Product To Help You Determine Your Stage Of Menopause


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Menopause is something some women would prefer not to think about (well, maybe you would if you have the period from hell), but eventually it’s a life event we have to face. Clearblue, the brand known for its accurate pregnancy, fertility and ovulation tests, has created a new product that can give women an idea of what stage of menopause they’re in. 

The brand says theirs is the “the first and only product to combine a woman’s urine FSH measurements with her age and cycle history to indicate her likely menopause stage.”

This product could easily be a game-changer considering over one million women go through menopause every year in the United States. It could also help spark more conversation around the topic and help remove stigma.

“The topic of menopause has 10x more searches than fertility, yet only makes up 25% of the conversation size,” said Leah Wood, Clearblue® brand director. “The silence around it is palpable and it’s our hope that if women have more information about where they are in their menopause journey, they’ll feel more empowered to turn up the volume, talk about it, and embrace this new stage in life.”

Clearblue Releases First Of Its Kind Product To Help You Determine Your Stage Of Menopause

How does the product work? First, purchase the Menopause Stage Indicator and then download the free Menopause Stage – Clearblue me app. Women then take five urine FSH tests over 10 days and input information about their cycle history and age into the app. Finally, those who use it will get a report that tells them their tentative menopausal stage, be it premenopause, early perimenopause, late perimenopause or postmenopause.

The report can also be shared with a healthcare provider who can provide more guidance on next steps or answer questions and concerns. The app also tracks cycles and menopause symptoms as well as provides resources women can tap into.

“The menopause transition can lead to an array of different and frustrating symptoms that can make women feel confused, but having a diary log of symptoms, cycle history, and the results from the FSH tests will certainly help clinicians make a more accurate diagnosis and start the dialogue of safe and available treatment options if appropriate,” said menopause expert, Heather Hirsch, MD, MS, MSCP.

Common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, insomnia, dry hair, weight gain, and mood changes. This new product can be purchased at stores across the United States.


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