Degrees Aren’t That Important To Employers Anymore, New Data Shows


New LinkedIn data reveals that skills-based hiring is on the rise.

Per an Aug. 29 report from the professional networking platform, 29% of paid job posts on LinkedIn didn’t require professional degrees in 2022, up 6% since 2019.

“But here’s the critical question: Does dropping degree requirements actually translate into more hires of workers who don’t hold degrees?” Greg Lewis, a senior content marketing manager, stated in LinkedIn’s Talent Blog.

He added: “As we’ll see, the answer for many industries and functions is ‘no,’” he said. “While many have started to ‘talk the talk’ of skills-first hiring, relatively few are managing to ‘walk the walk.’”

Financial services-based job postings on LinkedIn without the requirement of a degree in the sector increased by 354% faster, followed by 282% faster in accommodation and food services and 240% faster in technology, information and media, HR Dive points out.

“This may suggest a breakdown between recruiters and hiring managers: While recruiters are increasingly searching for candidates by skills, rather than degrees, and degree requirements are disappearing from many job posts, it seems that hiring managers — who typically make the final hiring decision — are still predominantly hiring those with a professional degree, whether or not that’s actually required for the job,” Lewis wrote.

“Recruiters will need to partner with hiring managers as strategic advisors to effect real changes in hiring practices,” he said. “It’s a reminder that making a difference takes time and effort — and that talking the talk is just the first step.”


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