Chloe x Halle Working On New Album: “It’s Going To Be Special”


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In recent years Chlöe and Halle Bailey have both brightened their stars in the entertainment industry. While they both have achieved new levels of success in 2023, they still have magic to make together as Chloe x Halle, the singing group that burst onto the scene almost a decade ago.

The elder sister, Chlöe, is currently on tour in support of her solo album In Pieces, which was released in March. She also appeared in the film Praise This, as well as having a standout role in Prime’s critically acclaimed series, Swarm.

Halle recently unveiled her first solo single last month, a beautiful ballad titled “Angel,” which was met with rave reviews. The younger Bailey also starred in the titular role of the live action rendition of The Little Mermaid in May, and will also be featured in the upcoming The Color Purple as Young Nettie Harris.

While the sisters continue to make a name for themselves individually, they still haven’t lost sight of the pursuit of group success. Earlier this week, the two sat down with PopSugar to discuss their new collaboration with Victoria Secret. During the interview, Chlöe spoke about their next collaborative effort, saying: “I am so excited for the top of next year when we start honing in again on our third album. I know we’re really excited. It’s going to be so special.” 

“We’ve both lived a lot and we’ve grown a lot, and then we’ll be able to put our minds together again for an even more special project,” she continued. “I think that, in this time, sis and I have grown great individual fan bases and it’ll even help when it comes back to our duo project for people to really pay attention and have more eyes and ears on it than Ungodly Hour.”

Their previous album was met with high praise, and also received three Grammy nominations in 2021 for Best Progressive R&B Album, Best R&B Song, and Best R&B Performance for “Wonder What She Thinks of Me.”


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