You’d Be Hard Pressed To Find A Gender Reveal Cuter Than What Sanya Richards-Ross Just Did


Derek White/Getty Images for Essence

Gender reveals have become more and more over the top, which at times, can make them cheesy to watch. But we couldn’t help but smile watching retired Olympic champion Sanya Richards-Ross fill the world in on what she and husband Aaron Ross are expecting.

With help from photographer Derek Blanks and their son, Aaron Jermaine Jr, the couple did a split-screen gender reveal. The parents were dressed in pink and blue while their son was pulled from side to side, his track suit changing from pink to blue as he went back and forth.

In the end, after some patient pulls, mama went to one side and the baby’s gender was shared.

If you watched, you know it’s another boy! Super cute and creative, right?

The couple announced that they’re having their second child after suffering a miscarriage, letting the cat out the bag in Season 15 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which she’s been an official peach holder on since Season 14. She said the miscarriage made her realize, after hesitancy about trying to have another baby (which we saw on the show), how much she really wanted to expand her family and put her focus on it.

“I didn’t realize until then how much I really wanted to become a mom again and how much of a blessing it is to be a mom,” she told PEOPLE. “And I was like, ‘You know what? It’s family first, and all the other things that I love — which is work and all that stuff, it’s second. I know if I do this, if I focus on my family, all those things will come.’”

She added, “At my age, it’s considered a geriatric pregnancy, so I was nervous that the window has started to close. And after the miscarriage, I wasn’t ready to go through something like that again — that physical, mental, and emotional pain. But my doctor assured me that everything looks good, and sure enough, it worked.”

Sanya and Aaron have been married since 2010 after meeting while attending the University of Texas at Austin together. The two sports stars were engaged in 2007 before tying the knot. As mentioned, they have son Aaron Jermaine who was born in 2017, 10 years after they said “I do.”


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