Sheila Atim Stars In The Latest Canada Goose Campaign


Annie Leibovitz

The latest Canada Goose campaign features actress Sheila Atim alongside cinematographer Sophie Darlington and Olympian Kimberly Newell. The campaign reflects and ruminates on female empowerment. Shot by renowned fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz, the images were shot in the beautiful yet rugged landscapes of New Mexico to hone in on the notion of living in the open and were inspired by paintings by Georgia O’Keefe.

“Being present; it’s become a cliche but it’s so important. That’s the best way to embrace life and all its experiences,” she tells In the imagery, Atim is seen standing alone with a classic Canada Goose jacket styled in a white button-down, a black flowing skirt, and a pair of hiking shoes. The fact that she had the blessing of working with an all-woman team is refreshing. Atim gushed about working with Leibovitz sharing, “[It was] unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I admire her artistic eye and her friendly gravitas,” she said. “I wanted more days on the shoot, as I so enjoyed her process and vision. Working with her in that incredible setting is now a core memory for me.”

The actress, writer, and composer describes her personal style as fresh and simple. She says she likes to keep things that way to help implement more experimental pieces. “I can add something small and subtle to bring the outfit to life,” she adds.

Canada Goose’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection is currently available on 


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