You Won’t Believe Who Almost Played Mr Big In Sex And The City


Sex and the City left our screens in 2004, and while it’s been six seasons, two films and a spin-off series, we’re still not over it 20 years later.

This month has seen the iconic show land on Netflix, and as a result, us millennials are actually referencing our favourite foursome more than ever – from post-it note break ups to iconic fashion moments (shout out to that £4 SATC tutu).

As SATC re-enters public conversation – in some cases problematically, with Gen Z audiences giving it the thumbs down, the internet has seen a resurgence of nostalgic throwbacks and anecdotes from the HBO show’s golden years.

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One of the resurfaced stories surrounds the roles of Carrie’s two big love interests, Mr Big and Aidan Shaw, with the show’s producers revealing that the iconic parts were originally supposed to go to two very different A-listers.


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