Currentbody Laser Hair Removal Device Review


I’ll do pretty much anything to streamline my day-to-day routine, which includes easier hair removal. Like many others, I find it to be a laborious task so I’m always keeping my eye our for things that make it easier. So when I found out CurrentBody had recently launched a laser hair removal device (different from your traditional IPL hair removal devices) that could offer salon-worthy results, I got my hands on it and got lasering as quick as I possibly could. 

At almost £600, expectations were high. Working in the industry, I know the high levels of time and money that go into this type of tech, particularly when it’s first on the market. The CurrentBody Skin Laser Hair Removal Device is the first ever at-home laser hair removal device, not to be confused with at-home IPL (intense pulse light) tools, which is not as effective as laser. Naturally, this is very exciting, but to impress me, it has to work. 

Given that in-clinic laser hair removal is pretty expensive — well over £1000 for six sessions of full body — it’s definitely a more cost-effective option but does it live up to expectations? Let’s get into its pros, cons and results. 

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Current Body Laser Hair Removal Device

Reasons to buy


Completely painless


Incredibly easy to use 


Noticeable results in just 4 weeks

Reasons to avoid

Obviously an investment

Not suitable for all skin tones

The tech 


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