Vogue Portugal March 2024 The Blossom Issue


Vogue Portugal have loved themselves an issue centered about a specific theme for as long as we can remember. Concepts over recent months have included Fame, Arts, Love & Hope and Kitsch. The theme for April 2024 is flowers, which bestows upon us ‘The Blossom Issue’. A quartet of covers heralding the arrival of spring come our way for the occasion, with Portuguese Vogue editor Sofia Lucas commissioning photographers Mario Kroes, Carlos Teixeira, Branislav Simoncik and Andreas Ortner to shoot the four collectable and artistic covers. As a result, models Simona Kust, Arina Maksimova, Ashley Graham and Bibi Abdulkadir each become cover girls in the process.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“These are absolutely breathtaking. Wow,” heralded Faith Akiyama.

“Ashley’s cover is great! Beautiful colors,” admired forum member fangora.

Also very much a fan was aracic, who voiced: “They’re all surprisingly solid covers, but the first and last are the most outstanding to me. First being an instant favorite. I am in love with the texture and composition of the shot, so simple yet dreamy and beautiful. The last is quite striking with the gold against her skintone.”

Oaklee91 agreed, adding: “I love the first and the last covers. So pretty.”

Vogue28 confessed: “Never been a one for Vogue Portugal but I’m able to tolerate 3/4 cover this month, so they must have done something right. The Simona Kust, Ashley Graham and Bibi Abdulkadir are lovely! The colors and photography from Andreas Ortner for Bibi’s cover are gorgeous. Very nicely done!”

“The fourth cover is poetic. Poetry in motion,” enthused TerraVera.

Which cover speaks to you most? Sound off on Vogue Portugal’s latest and join the conversation, here.


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