Stingy Spenders And Petty Packers: Shares The Biggest Travel Icks Among Partners



Traveling with a partner can bring out the best and worst in people, don’t ask me how I know. recently surveyed travelers (2,000 U.S. adults who have traveled with a partner while in a relationship) to uncover the biggest red flags among Americans traveling with their significant other. According to the, a quarter of travelers (24%) find their loved ones’ travel icks so embarrassing or annoying that it spoils the trip they’re on and have gone as far as breaking up with a partner (33%) on a trip because of their travel habits, and 88% confess their partner’s travel behavior makes them want to take fewer trips together.

Some major icks include:

  • Doesn’t let me eat or drink from the mini bar because it’s too expensive. 
  • Keeps the room a mess. 
  • Brings their own pillow or bedding with them.  
  • Unpacks immediately. 
  • Always forgets room key and assumes I have it.  

However, the good news is that most Americans (81%) agree that traveling with their partner has deepened their bond and brought them closer together. Additionally, this research helps couples can opt for and book hotels with specific amenities to mitigate their biggest icks: more than 40% of travelers champion buffet breakfasts (49%) as good bang for their buck and a pillow menu or sleep-friendly amenities (44%) for those who struggle to sleep in a new place. Similarly, daily housekeeping (44%) and unpacking services (44%) have saved the day for couples sharing a room with a messy partner.

“I unpack as soon as I get to my room, so it’s alarming to find out that’s a big ‘no’ for so many people on a romantic weekend. To nip frustrations in the bud, make the most of what your hotel offers, like choosing a room with an unpacking service to get you both out and about or daily housekeeping if your loved one needs help keeping things tidy. Use the app’s comparison tool too, which lets you compare up to five hotels so both of you can find your perfect somewhere,” said Melanie Fish, a spokesperson.

For smooth travels ahead, check out these hotels in popular U.S. destinations perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, complete with amenities to relieve any travel turn-offs: 

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas – perfect for stingy diners 

Skip the mini bar snacks and head to the Vegas-style breakfast buffet at MGM Grand, where there’s something for everyone, and all-you-can-eaters will get a bang for their buck. Still hungry? Come back for more during lunch.

Sheraton Phoenix – perfect for messy partners 

This downtown Phoenix hotel still offers daily housekeeping for guests who may need an extra helping hand to keep things tidy. Other amenities include an expansive fitness center, two restaurants, and an outdoor pool.

The Benjamin Royal Sonesta, New York City – perfect for specialist sleepers 

No need to pack your own pillow and sheets. This hotel’s Rest & Renew sleep program has many enticing elements, including a curated pillow menu, lullabies, and a 24/7 Sleep Team to make your dreams come true.

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, Miami – perfect for avoiding unpacking drama   

Luxury lovers will enjoy this high-end, beachfront hotel featuring butler service with packing/unpacking services. The hotel also boasts four restaurants, a spa, and two outdoor pools.

Virgin Hotels New Orleans – perfect for forgetful folks 

This jazzy hotel is known for its highly personalized rooms and high-tech touches. What’s more, if you tend to forget your hotel key, Lucy, your digital personal assistant, will save you with a digital keyless entry.


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