9 Simple Ways To Be A Better Gal-Friend



Healthy friendship could be considered the centerpiece of a happy life, as genuine connection allows you to feel supported, learn new things, and experience joy.

However, we often tend to get so bogged down with the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life that we can unintentionally neglect our friendships. It’s important to remember that friendship is a two-way street.

If you aren’t a great friend to your girls, why would they need to support you? Being a present friend means being there for your girlfriends through breakups, parents and loved ones dying, graduations, promotions, weddings, and baby showers. Although we all get busy, prioritizing our friendships shouldn’t fall on our priority list. 

Here are some easy ways to be a better friend to your girlfriends this month and beyond. 

Be appreciative: Sometimes, our friends feel taken for granted. Ensure you’re showering your friends with appreciation; they need to know just how special they are to you. 

Reach out to them: We understand that you have a busy schedule with lots to juggle, but try carving out some time every week to reach out to your girlfriends to see how they are doing and to receive life updates. They will appreciate it, and it will make you feel closer to them, no matter how far away you are. 

Purchase small gifts: Who doesn’t love lovely, thoughtful gifts? You can get your platonic girlfriend’s gifts too! 

Celebrate their achievements: This tip is a big and significant key! Be sure to celebrate your girlfriend’s accomplishments, big or small! Doing this will show them you care about their goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

Adopt good listening skills: Are you listening to your girlfriends, or are things they tell you go through one ear and out the other? Be sure to listen actively to your girlfriends. 

Have fun with them: Schedule regular girlfriend meet-cutes! Think outside the box to create fun girlfriend-idea dates outside the usual brunch, movies, and spa dates. 

Own up to your wrongdoings: If you hurt your girlfriend by your actions, be accountable and apologize. Don’t let your ego or hurt feelings ruin essential relationships. 

Try not to cancel plans: Be consistent; try not to cancel plans with your girlfriends, as that’s how friendships begin to deteriorate. 

Have empathy and compassion for your friend: If your friend is going through something and you know about it, be compassionate, understanding, and supportive. Most importantly, please don’t abandon your friend when they are going through their lowest moments.


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