Shenseea On The Success Of Black Women In The Music Industry: “We’re Taking Over.”


Courtesy of Captain Morgan

Throughout the summer, Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan has been quenching the thirsts of festival goers and concert enthusiasts all over the country. In addition to this, it has also set several cities on fire during the first-of-its-kind Tropical Takeover Tour featuring certified island vibes and performances from the hottest Caribbean artists, Sean Paul, Myke Towers and Shenseea

From the concrete jungle of New York to the sunny skies of Southern California, Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan brought the taste of the tropics to unexpected U.S. locations for the entire summer season. The performances from the aforementioned artists helped attendees experience the tropics paired perfectly with delicious drinks, swag and unforgettable fun.

Shenseea, who tore down the Tropical Takeover stage in Queens on June 28, said that she was “super excited” to connect with Captain Morgan, and spoke to it being a “perfect fit” for where she is in her career, along with what she’s trying to accomplish. With this Dancehall recording artist also being a Black woman, it’s important to showcase the beauty and talent of people of color, regardless of what stage or platform it may be.

“I feel so good because I feel like we’re on a high right now,” the 26-year-old says of the position of Black women in music. “And we’re at our apotheosis because I’ve never seen females being so successful in the industry as they are now. It’s almost like we’re practically running the game. We’re taking over. So, shit. It’s the best time. It’s the best time for me to be in this industry because I’m a part of that too.”

Even with Tropical Takeover’s success, the Jamaican superstar still maintains a heavy sense of focus towards her art. “I’m currently working on my music to be released,” she says. “So, I have a couple singles that I’m getting ready for.” This collaboration, however, only assisted in amplifying Shenseea’s still-growing career. 

“This is really perfect timing for me because everything is in alignment with what I’m about to do,” she explains. “So, I’m just happy to be a part of this partnership as well – I feel blessed.”

If you missed Shenseea, Myke Towers, and Sean Paul on the Tropical Takeover Tour, it’s still not a total loss, because Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan still has its uniquely delicious tropi-KITs available. Their canned cocktails can also be purchased in three delicious flavors – Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and Lime Mojito.


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