‘More Than That With Gia Peppers’ Makes The Move To Network TV


Gia Peppers has been putting in work in the journalism field for quite some time. Known for her work on NBC’s Today Show, as well as having a pivotal role on the wildly popular Black Girl Pod, she continues to remain relevant in an ever-changing industry. As the host of More Than That since 2021, the Washington, D.C. native is ready to take the next step to primetime.

The podcast More Than That with Gia Peppers will make its way to the video space, with a four-episode run on Revolt, debuting on Tuesday, September 19. “Each episode features a different topic that is very, very real in our community,” she said in a statement to Variety. She also wants to create conversation with her guests that will help in providing resolutions towards larger societal issues.

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More Than That is an expanded version of her audio show, so viewers can expect the same tenacity from Peppers that they’re used to, but with an added visual aspect. In the show, the entertainment journalist will also move around a bit more now, as opposed to two of three years ago. “We were really struggling during Covid,” she said. “We could not be together. Now, instead of talking about Black farming and Black farmers, we are able to go on Black farms. The conversations aren’t drastically different, but they are expanded and there’s more in real life to share.”

Created by the advertising and media agency Dentsu and produced by G|Factor Films, a Black-owned production company, More Than That will feature guests such as Angel Gregorio, Devi Brown, Jamila Norman, Amaris Jones, and more.


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