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As a writer, I spend most of my time in front of a cell phone or computer screen. My eyes obsessively scan across the keyboard as my pupils absorb blue light for over eight hours per day. According to WebMD, digital eye strain can result in dry, irritated eyes and blurred vision. By nighttime, my eyes are aching, as if they just finished a high intensity workout, searching for relief. By this time, my hands immediately reach for my Therabody SmartGoggles

What is it?

Therabody is a “cutting-edge wellness technology” brand known for their body massage gun, the Theragun. Among other products– including their beauty inventions, the TheraFace Pro and TheraFace Mask– exists the SmartGoggles, a wearable eye mask powered by biometric sensors to personalize each treatment. 

Scientifically proven to improve sleep quality, the goggles are validated by SleepScore Lab. They feel like a hard, weighted sleep mask enhanced with multiple modalities– from vibration, massage, and heat– all to benefit your wellness. Not only that, you can connect the device to Bluetooth and use the Therabody app for multi-sensory sound therapy sessions with the TheraMind feature.

How does it work? 

Put the mask on, then customize your treatment by clicking on the buttons at the top. On the left side, you can turn the heat, massage and vibration settings on and off, or adjust the intensity to your liking. On the other side, click through the customizable modes– Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep– to target your personal wellness concerns.  

These settings are used to not only reduce eye strain– which is especially beneficial for tech users– but reduces stress, anxiety, and headaches. Easing facial tension and increasing circulation, the device is a holy grail for passive benefits, like wrinkle reduction, eye depuffing, and oxygen flow. 

My review

As someone with an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, the Therabody SmartGoggles have effectively reduced both health concerns in under 15 minutes– the length of a single session. When using the app, you can track and compare your heart rate from beginning to end, as proof the product works. I use the device on a daily basis as an opportunity to reconnect to my mind and body after a busy day of writing stories.


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