Google Pixel And SN37 Present Season 8 Of Creator Labs


Credit Gabriel Moses

Creator Labs returns for its eighth season. Despite holding the most significant number of participants last season, this year, they have increased the number from 25 to now, 29. Creator Labs is a visual arts incubator that supports rising talent in creating new work about critical cultural narratives. A partnership between Google and SN37 provides resources to photographers and filmmakers to document personal work that displays themes of socially impactful cultural narratives. This season’s roster features renowned figures in photography, including Gabriel Moses, a British-born photographer acclaimed for his recent work directing and capturing Pharrell’s debut with Louis Vuitton.

In Season eight, artists were instructed to analyze what it means to be one-of-one, unique in both voice and vision. All of their images were shot using Google Pixel 8 Pro, and they experimented with many of the new features it includes. Some manually adjust shutter speed, ISO, and focus, allowing them more control over their captured images. There is also a feature built using generative AI to reposition and resize called the Magic Editor tool.

Google Pixel And SN37 Present Season 8 Of Creator Labs
Andy Jackson portraits for Google Pixel Creator Labs

This season features artists, Aidan Cullen, Amber Grace Johnson, Adrian Octavius Walker, Andrew Thomas Huang, Andy Jackson, Anthony Prince Leslie, Campbell Addy, Chiara Gabellini, Coyote Park, Cruz Valdez, Dana Scruggs, Furmaan Ahmed, Gabriel Moses, Glassface, June Canedo de Souza, Justin French, Kennedi Carter, Lawrence Agyei, Lelanie Foster, MaryV, Maya Toledano, Myesha Evon Gardner, Myles Loin, Natalia Mantini, Neva Wireko, Pegah Farahmand, Shikeith, Texas Isiah and Tim Kellner. 

Look at the fantastic work of these visual artists on and get a glimpse of some of their imagery below.


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