Nicole Kidman Vogue Australia February 2024


Christine Centenera has made zero attempt to hide the fact she is steering Vogue Australia in an entirely different direction. From the get-go, Centenera has imposed big bold statements upon the Aussie fashion title’s front covers and pulls a major stunt for February 2024. In the process, Nicole Kidman is welcomed back for a ninth time as Vogue Australia cover star – who gets a complete image overhaul. Via the lens of famed photographer Steven Klein and with Centenera reporting for styling duties, the Australian screen icon wears a look from Sabato De Sarno’s debut Gucci collection for Spring 2024 in the intriguing and visually-arresting cover image. A pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses, Cartier jewelry and a black snake complete Nicole’s edgy and dynamic new look.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

Ultimately, the end result divided our forums. “Vogue Australia is so cringe,” critiqued GoldenPetals.

“It’s giving me fan made movie poster on Letterboxd,” laughed blueorchid.

“Steven Klein’s esthetic is getting so outdated,” chimed in forum member MDNA.

Yet not everyone was so quick to disapprove. “My immediate instinct was to loathe this entirely but for some bizarre reason – I’m a fan! Magazines in general are so stale nowadays, that something different and something completely unexpected is appreciated. A little V Magazine and unconventional for what I typically like but I am intrigued,” reasoned vogue28.

“It looks cartoon-ish, but you know what, I’m all for it! It’s rare to see bold cover choices on Vogue, let alone with Nicole Kidman on the cover,” stated crmsn.

Kokobombon also liked what they saw too, commenting: “I love it because it’s Nicole and I have a soft spot for whenever she does these type of ‘fun’ covers!”

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