Clinique Take The Day Off Facial Cleansing Mousse


Your Clinique history lesson: the year is 1967, and the question on everybody’s lips is can great skin be created?  Norman Orentreich, a New York dermatologist, is advising his patients to use a 3-step skincare system of his own creation: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, when he meets Vogue Beauty Editor Carol Phillips. Tired of seeing the same one-size-fits-all creams in stores, together they create a trailblazing Vogue article and the rest, they say is history!

You’re no doubt fully aware of Clinique’s Take The Day Off range, and they’re expanding with a must-have new product for 2024. Give it up for the new Facial Cleansing Mousse which you will want to add to your stash!

Cleansing is one of the most essential steps in any good skincare routine. Removing dirt, sweat, and excess oil from pores is crucial at the end of the day and it helps prepare your skin for any moisturizers or serums you’re going to apply. And Clinique has the perfect products for it, consisting of a make-up remover, a charcoal cleansing balm, and a cleansing oil.

Get the deetz on Clinique’s New Facial Cleansing Mousse:


Forming a part of the iconic Take The Day Off collection – Clinique’s New Facial Cleansing Mousse rids the skin of makeup, sunscreen and excess oil for a fresh, clean feel. Transforming from a mousse into a soft foam, the face wash utilises a coconut-infused cleansing system to help remove all traces of the day. ($32.00)


Enriched with glycerin and hyaluronic acid, the formula hydrates as it purifies, minimizing feelings of dryness post-cleanse. Skin is touchably smooth after use and prepared for subsequent skincare formulas.


When it comes to facial cleansing, you might be surprised to learn there are some techniques which are much better for your skin than others – And double cleansing is one of those methods! With Cliniques ultimate cleansing duo consisting of their Take the Day Off Balm and their new Take the day off Facial Cleansing Mousse – you’ll be squeaky clean in no time!


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