John Legend Shares The Details Behind His New, Ultra-Nourishing Loved01 Products


Photo: Courtesy of Loved01.

John Legend’s Loved01, isn’t like any other celebrity-owned skincare brand. “We really saw a need in the marketplace. We believed that melanin-rich skincare needs weren’t being fully met,” he tells ESSENCE over a Zoom call. “I also wanted to create ones that weren’t at celebrity prices,” but instead at more accessible ones, he says. And with that in mind, earlier this year, Legend and team created products such as the Face + Body Lotion, and even their now Allure Beauty Award-winning product, the Face + Body Oil. 

Recently– even amidst planning the Get Lifted launch celebration for the book, Black Love Letters– Legend found time to expand his range of products. Just in time for fall and winter, the new line includes a Cleansing Bar– one of Legend’s favorites– which lathers nicely and is filled with delightful citrus and cedar notes. It’s also deeply nourishing thanks to shea butter and jojoba oil. Another go-to is the Cleansing Wipe– perfect for removing makeup, and dirt from the skin. The plant-based fibers are filled with salicylic acid, green tea, and cucumber for a refreshing feel. “These are amazing. I use them all the time, especially after I film The Voice, or do anything where I need makeup,” he says. 

And to keep the hands clean? The Hand Wash is promising as it’s gentle and hydrating, thanks to sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E, avocado oil, and aloe vera. The new Hand + Body Lotion is sure to lock in the moisture with sunflower oil and shea butter. And with these new products– and any to come– Legend’s promise is to continue putting Black skin care needs at the forefront. “We have a great dermatologist who is a Black woman and we have a great testing lab run by a Black woman as well,” he shares. “Everybody on our team understands our needs and that we’re creating products for melanin-rich skin in mind.”

Below, Legend goes into detail about his journey as a skincare brand founder, his current wellness routine, and more. 

John Legend Shares The Details Behind His New, Ultra-Nourishing Loved01 Products
Photo: Courtesy of Loved01.

ESSENCE: How do you feel the brand has grown since the initial launch?

John Legend: We put a lot of time, care, and intention into all of our products, including the ones we launched at the beginning. We try to listen to our fans and customers more so that we can give them the products they really want. For instance, because our Face + Body wash didn’t foam, people were missing that lather. We made sure our new Cleansing Bar gave them the lather they’re looking for.

Which products from the line do you use the most?

Legend: People always think I’m BS-ing, and trying to sell the product, but I really do use Loved01 all the time. I use our Face + Body wash and our Cleansing Bar all the time. I also use the Exfoliating Cleanser when I need to as well. The only product I don’t use a lot is our shave cream– only because my brother’s my barber. He trims me up every two or three days, so I don’t have to shave myself. He’s been cutting my hair since I was 10.

What do you think separates this brand from other celebrity-owned brands?

Celebrities can easily go out there and white label stuff that already exists. You can basically slap your name on a lot of different things. But we wanted to customize our product, develop it with intention, and do something different from other companies out there in the industry. 

What is keeping you grounded these days?

Legend: Skincare is an important part of it for me. When I talk about skincare, I’m referring to the entire body. Sometimes people focus on the face. Other ways I stay grounded include just relaxing, resting, and family time. All that good stuff is important when it comes to self-care as well. An occasional spa day is good, too!

You mentioned family time. What are some confidence lessons you’re hoping to teach your kids?

Legend: We try to teach them that they’re beautiful the way they are. We remind them that their skin is beautiful, their hair is beautiful, and we love them for who they are. Reinforcing those messages of self-worth and self-love is important. We say, ‘you might look different from some of your classmates, but what makes you different is also what makes you beautiful.’ I feel like it’s working because they’re pretty confident.

What’s next that you’re excited to share?

Some of our future products are going to focus on hyperpigmentation and eczema. We’re going to continue creating products that tend to our needs. I don’t want anyone looking at their issues and asking what’s wrong with them. I want them to know it’s just something that needs more attention, care, and love. 


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