HBCU Alumni Partner With Maker’s Mark To Create A Limited Bourbon To Honor Morehouse And Spelman 


Maker’s Mark

Bourbon whiskey brand Maker’s Mark have partnered with D’Angela Proctor and Harold H. Montgomery Jr, HBCU alumni from Morehouse and Spelman, to create two new Private Selection bourbons. The goal is to honor HBCUs through the creation of this collection

Maker’s Mark Private Selection is a specialized barrel program that gives consumers the opportunity to create a Maker’s Mark drink that aligns with their taste preferences. 

The drink’s creators put thought and detail into the creation of the private selections, drawing from the rich culture of their respective HBCUs for inspiration. Spelman College alumni and entrepreneur D’Angela Proctor created one half of the private selection named “Undaunted 1881” to embody the depth and strength of HBCU culture. Additionally, her aim is to showcase the grace and tenacity of Spelman women. In terms of the taste you can expect to hit your palate, the bourbon has hints of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

On the other hand, Morehouse graduate and business owner Harold H. Montgomery Jr. developed the second drink, “1867 The House Standard.” The goal with that spirit is to honor the college’s past and high standards of leadership that are foundational to the college, which has been around for over 150 years. Flavors that are present in this creation were inspired by Montgomery’s favorite cigar and the drink can be paired with an old-fashioned cocktail.  

The Private Selection program kicks off Friday, Oct. 27, and will be available for purchase in limited quantities at My Friends Bottle Shop in Atlanta, Ga. for a suggested retail price of $74.99.


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