Exclusive: Iyanla Vanzant Podcast Reveals Jada Pinkett Smith’s Journey To Self-Worth


Jada Pinkett-Smith’s been on a nationwide book tour for her new memoir, Worthy. In the midst of a press run that’s included Pinkett Smith telling intimate details about her personal life from her marriage to her relationship with the late rapper Tupac, she’s getting real about her journey. 

However, in a candid and exclusive conversation on Shondaland Audio’s The R Spot podcast, Iyanla Vanzant welcomes Pinkett-Smith for a deeply personal discussion about the “Basic Ingredients of a Woman’s Worth.” This special episode is set to air on October 25 and will offer a unique perspective on Pinkett-Smith’s journey of self-discovery as detailed in her memoir.

The conversation opens with a profound statement by Jada herself: “Every woman is worthy. A walking treasure that deserves to live her life as the heroine of her own story.” It sets the tone for a powerful and introspective dialogue that goes far beyond the surface-level discussions that have surrounded the launch of her memoir.

Pinkett-Smith, known for her openness and vulnerability, delves into the revelations she made about her parents and how this discovery has profoundly shaped her relationship with them. She encourages listeners to “learn to accept the harsh truths of your life.”

Vanzant, the renowned life coach and author, gives her unequivocal approval of the work Jada has done, both in her memoir and her life journey. Notably, she points out how Jada’s experiences resonate with her own, especially in relationship with her parents.

In true Iyanla fashion, she takes parts of Jada’s book and guides her to expand upon them. Throughout the conversation, she seamlessly provides advice and validation not only for Jada but for the podcast’s audience as well. This unique approach sets this episode apart from the rest and demonstrates the power of open and honest conversations.

“You have a very emotional vocabulary,” Vanzant tells Pinkett-Smith. “So very often one of the things I’ve learned that impacts a woman’s work is A.) not having an emotional vocabulary to describe what she feels, and B.) not feeling safe.”

When discussing her relationship with her husband, actor Will Smith, Pinkett Smith chooses to focus on her own journey of self-discovery. She states, “I had to stop looking to this relationship to be for me something that I was unwilling to be for myself.” This profound realization allowed her to attain emotional independence and, as she puts it, “do the work.”

One of the core highlights of their discussion was discussing healing within romantic relationships. When asked how to heal her “little girl” as a grown woman within a marriage, Jada replied, “it’s probably one of my biggest challenges, and it’s a process. I would tell women to make sure the partner you’re with is the proper partner for your curriculum. Not all partners are the right ones, and it doesn’t mean just because it’s difficult and challenging, that that person is not the right one.”

She takes a look at her own baggage and triggers. “I had to start looking at him as a mirror. I had to stop looking towards my relationship and looking towards Will to be something for me that I was not willing to be for myself,” she says candidly. 

Despite the Smith’s tumultuous marriage and revelations in both of their books, Jada holds on that Will “is the perfect damn mirror,” and he is “where her work is.”

The forthcoming episode promises to be a deep dive into Pinkett Smith’s memoir and her inspiring journey toward self-worth and self-love. In a world where we often search for external validation, Jada’s wisdom and Iyanla’s guidance provide a refreshing perspective that challenges us all to embrace our own worth and embark on our personal journeys to self-discovery. 

Don’t miss this exclusive and intimate conversation, airing on October 25th on Shondaland Audio’s “The R Spot.”


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