Chanté Moore And Stephen Hill Celebrate One Year Of Marriage


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Entertainment couple Chante Moore and Stephen Hill got married last year and they’re already celebrating their one-year anniversary! The R&B singer and former BET exec and producer exchanged lengthy heartfelt messages to mark the occasion on Instagram. 

“One year around this sun of ours as wife and man…and I continue to learn from her,” Hill began in his love note. “For example, when you KNOW that your anniversary celebration is gonna go as well or BETTER than you planned it, write the anniversary message in ADVANCE…as it’s most likely that you’ll be in NO shape to do so on the day. Annnnd I wasn’t.”

Hill continued, “While this public message may be late, my love for this woman will always be on time, constant and deep. Thanks you, @iamchantemoore for making this best [sic] year of my pretty spectacular life. ‘Love’ at times seems too tepid a word to use to describe this thang I got for you. But it’ll do. Because you know…Everyday [sic]…in some way…with you…It’s A Beautiful Day. Let’s never let them get away.”

Hill posted the caption under a video of himself and Moore jamming at an event. She also wished her hubby a happy one-year anniversary.

“🎶💜…. “Do you know what to…day is….? It’s our anniversary… anniversary!!” 💃🏻🕺🏿♾️🎶,” the “Chante’s Got a Man” singer began. “One year ago, today … @stephengranthill & I began our journey officially as husband & wife! Wooohooo…. What a lovely ride… I TOTALLY ADORE YOU and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way YOU LOVE ME!! You’re always supporting & cheering me on and dreaming even BIGGER DREAMS than I sometimes dream for myself!!! I celebrate YOU, my dearest heart!! 💖 I celebrate US! 💞 My husband, my blowing my mind forever lover, my dearest & truest friend, theeee BESTEST partner in life~ through the ups & downs~ side by side~ we can make it through it all… TOGETHER!!! I thank the Lord for bringing YOU into my life and making it so much better!!”

Moore went on to explain how their wedding song was co-written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She also shared the story behind video of the couple embracing in a pool, saying it was right after Hill proposed in Mexico. 

They are a prime example of friends turning into lovers. They were friends for almost 30 years before becoming an item and have known each other since 1992. The couple got engaged in Oct. 2021 on Hill’s 60th birthday and married a year later in October 2022. 

Moore has been married twice before making this her third union. She was previously married to actor Kadeem Hardison, and they had a daughter together. The singer was also married to crooner Kenny Lattimore, with whom she shares a son.


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