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Cosmic beings, we’ve made it through the first part of eclipse season. We’ll still be feeling the vibes of the recent Solar Eclipse in Libra all week long (and for the next six months). Now that Mars is in Scorpio for the next six weeks, we’ll experience a strong surge of determination when it comes to bringing passion projects to life. But we may also be moodier and less patient during this transit, so tread carefully when driving and when trying to get your point across. 

With Venus now in Virgo, all zodiac signs may feel a bit more of a responsibility toward their loved ones, while also seeking more time for introspection and solitude. The key is to avoid passive-aggressive behavior in our relationships. If something feels off, use this final full week of Libra Season to voice your concerns rather than bottling it up inside. Just be willing to listen to what the other parties have to say too. Listen to comprehend, rather than to be “right.”

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Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, the recent Solar Eclipse in Libra has helped you start fresh when it comes to how you approach relationships. This week’s mainly about integrating the downloads you’ve received and keeping the doors of communication open with your partner(s) and friends concerning what your mutual needs and intentions are. 

Your planetary ruler Mars spends its first full week in Scorpio, another sign that it rules. Your sector of depth, merging, and intimacy is lit up by Mars in Scorpio, making this the ideal transit for focusing on estate planning, taxes, inheritances, and financial and spiritual mergers. You may notice yourself acting more Scorpio-like these next six weeks, which could increase your sex drive and overall sensuality, while also making you feel more stubborn and temperamental. Whenever you find yourself about to blow up at someone, take a deep breath instead. 

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, you’ll be a more mellow and relaxed person this week, as the recent Libra solar eclipse took place in your sector of health, wellness, and service, encouraging you to do less and play more — especially as we approach the epic lunar eclipse in your sign occurring on the 28th. You can sense that major shifts are around the corner, and that means stepping into main character energy as you prepare for your rebirth. 

Now that Mars, the Planet of Action, is in your opposite sign of Scorpio for the next six weeks, don’t be surprised if your secret (and not-so-secret) admirers come out of the woodworks seeking your attention. You may also feel called to reveal your feelings to someone special, but your pride may keep you from fully leaning into vulnerability. Spend this week envisioning the best case scenario rather than playing out your biggest fears. You’re a few courageous acts away from living the life you dream of.

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, now that your planetary ruler Mercury is in Libra, and you’re still feeling the influence of the Libra solar eclipse, you’re likely to be seeking more fun and light-hearted experiences. This week is all about indulging in pleasure, even if Venus, the Planet of Love, is in Virgo, making you feel a bit prudish or critical of yourself and others. Tap into the passionate vibes of Mars in Scorpio to unleash a more dynamic side of you as a friend or romantic partner. Surprise the world with yet another facet of your multidimensional personality. 

This is also Pluto’s first full week direct in Capricorn, activating your sector of depth and merging. If you’ve felt like your finances and your collaborative efforts have been all over the place these past four months, this is an ideal week to get them back in order, step by step. Calculate your budget for the rest of the year, and brainstorm ways to make strategic and effective investments that’ll pay off in the long run. 

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, if you’ve been dreaming of making a fresh start, this week’s energy gives you the green light to do so. The combination of the recent Libra solar eclipse, Pluto’s shift direct in Capricorn, and Mars’ transit in Scorpio is supercharging you with dynamic and courageous energy. You’re being asked to focus on what you want to bring forth in your life, and go for it. You have the ability to radically transform the course of your life for the better, and this week’s energy throws you out of your comfort zone by reminding you of the importance of taking leaps of faith, even if you’re unsure of what awaits you once you land. 

With Pluto now direct in your partnership sector, any relationship drama or misunderstandings are likely to be resolved this week, as long as you avoid passive aggressive behavior and hold yourself and others accountable for the transparency and honesty that comes with cultivating mature and healthy relationships. Be the type of partner you’d like to receive.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, now that the Solar Eclipse in Libra has struck, you’re entering this week feeling creatively inspired, and you’ll be in the mood to share your thoughts, gifts, and talents with anyone willing to hear and celebrate you. Just make sure that you’re validating your own self first and foremost, as Venus’ presence through Virgo activates your sector of money and self-esteem. The more you can feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments without needing external validation, the more you’ll soar. 

Now that Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Scorpio, you may experience more tension or pressure when it comes to family or home-related duties or responsibilities. But this six week transit can also help you clear the air if you’ve been dealing with nagging concerns or miscommunications with your loved ones (or alternatively, you may decide to create more firm boundaries if you feel disrespected or taken for granted). It’s best to not get reactive or defensive under this transit, but rather let yourself be intuitively guided when it comes to which emotions to externalize and which to keep to yourself.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, now that your planetary ruler Mercury is out of your sign and in Libra, money is on your mind more than usual. The life hack? Don’t be so attached to the need to have it. Visualize yourself already financially at ease and work your way backward to make that visualization your reality. This may be easier said than done due to Venus’ current transit in your sign, which could cause you to overanalyze much of what you do with your resources. Fortunately, Mars’ newfound presence in Scorpio harmonizes with your nature and reminds you that most of what you want is on the other side of asking directly for what you want. 

Now that Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is direct in your fellow Earth-sign of Capricorn, one of your missions this week is to tend to your inner child’s needs and have more fun, even if you start off entertaining yourself in smaller doses. Don’t let Venus in Virgo rain on your parade by making you overly perfectionist or cautious — allow yourself to switch up your routine and live a more relaxed lifestyle this week, Virgo. It’s what you deserve.

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, this final week of your birthday season is all about stepping into the limelight, particularly now that the solar eclipse in your sign has shaken up the cosmos and helped boost your self-esteem. If you’re feeling like you’re still in a limbo period though, that’s perfectly normal too, especially since your planetary ruler Venus is currently in Virgo, activating your sector of spirituality, healing, and closure. You may be celebrating your solar return while also mourning the end of life as you once knew it. These are intense emotions to navigate, so be extra kind to yourself this week. 

Mars’ transit through Scorpio can bring auspicious vibes to your money sector these next six weeks, so if you’ve been wanting to stick to your budget or investigate an investing plan, you may feel motivated to do so this week. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own — now that Pluto’s direct in Capricorn you can find a mentor or colleague to help you cultivate or grow an abundance mindset and meet (or exceed) your financial goals

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, your birthday season starts next week, and now that Mars, the Planet of Action, is in your sign for the next six weeks you may already be feeling like Scorpio Season is here. But at the same time, with the recent Libra solar eclipse having lit up your sector of spirituality, healing, and closure, you might still be in hibernation mode. Don’t let anyone pressure you into being social if you’d rather chill — and that includes your own self. 

Now that your other planetary ruler, Pluto, has ended its retrograde in Capricorn, you’ll be more strategic when it comes to your creative endeavors. If you previously felt burnt out or under-appreciated, you’ll say goodbye to any victim mentalities and think of ways to boost your self-esteem, your income, and your talents, through daring to be consistently seen, heard, and celebrated. And remember Scorpio — you decide what consistency means for you. You don’t have to show up in the same way every day, you just have to keep showing up. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, what does friendship mean to you? That’s likely to be the main theme you’ll reflect on this week as the energy from the recent Solar Eclipse in Libra is still potently coursing through you. If you’ve been a bit wishy-washy with people close to you (most likely due to your ruler Jupiter’s ongoing retrograde in your sign causing you to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew), first give yourself grace. Next, find ways that you can discern who is your real crew, and who only wants to be around you when you’re emitting sunny vibes. Release the need to always be happy-go-lucky and focus on keeping things real with yourself and your loved ones. And if you find that you’ve outgrown someone (or several people), that’s okay too, Sag. Just try not to lead them on. 

Mars’ transit through Scorpio may at first feel bewildering to you due to how much it’s forcing you to face your deepest shadows, fears, insecurities, repressed desires, and inhibitions. This is an ideal week for having an honest journaling session with yourself — you can also leave yourself a voice note if you prefer. Get to the root of what’s nagging at you internally and why. It’s only once you’ve faced it head on that you’ll be able to move past it.

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, what if you started completely over? What would that look like for you? Now that the Libra solar eclipse has struck, you may feel like a baby chick that’s just emerged from a hatched egg. Take your time stepping into this new dimension, especially now that Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is direct in your sign (Pluto is finishing up its stay in your sign for the final time in our lifetime), encouraging you to tie up loose ends and fulfill the promises and objectives you’ve set for yourself this year. 

Mars’ presence in Scorpio allows you to deepen your connection with your current, past, or potential friends, especially if you were more of a hermit during retrograde season. Figure out who it is you feel safest around, and take time to express gratitude for them this week. They’ll appreciate it and are likely to do the same for you. And consistent gratitude is a life hack for divine manifestations

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, you’re ready to experience a new adventure, aren’t you? Last week’s Solar Eclipse in Libra catalyzed profound changes in your mind and lifestyle — and you’ll continue to feel the ripple effects of this eclipse for the next two years (but particularly for the next six months). This week is all about creating a game plan for yourself and the fresh start you’re embarking on. For many Aquarians, this could look like planning a trip somewhere special, or creating a vision board for the type of lifestyle you’d like to manifest for yourself

Now that Mars, the Planet of Action, is in its home sign of Scorpio, you’re likely to feel more restless and stubborn, but also quite driven and passionate. Nothing and no one can stand in the way of you making your dreams come true — no one but your own self, that is. Since Scorpio energy squares off (creates astrological friction) with your Aquarius nature, your challenge is to not sabotage yourself or your endeavors just when things are about to lift off. Stay the course!

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, this week you’re likely to have an even deeper understanding of your own subconscious mind, as well as of human psychology in general. The recent Libra solar eclipse enlightened you to moments when you may have ignored the signs the universe was sending you in order to remain in a comfortable illusion. But now you know better, so it’s time to move better. 

Mars’ transit through Scorpio harmonizes with your Pisces nature, helping you attract and emit loving vibes all week long. If you’ve been crushing on someone but found it hard to admit your feelings during retrograde season, you’ll notice a surge in confidence this week, allowing you to shoot your shot with greater ease, but also with a bit of restraint since Venus is now in your opposite sign of Virgo. You can put yourself out there socially, but also give others space to come to you and reciprocate your energy. It takes two to tango.

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