Why Would You Nail Cycle When Weekly Manicures Exist?


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Do I need to nail cycle? You may have asked this question at your weekly manicure appointment as the nail tech applied your gel extensions. But if you don’t know, nail cycling is a resurfacing concept within the beauty industry, advocating for occasional breaks from nail services or products. It involves refraining from visiting nail salons for a designated period, perhaps a month, to abstain from procedures like cuticle cutting, gel polish application, nail extensions, and other nail styling services. The notion behind nail cycling suggests that subjecting nails to these services regularly could potentially be detrimental to one’s health. However, nail cycling is a myth.

To manicure enthusiasts, a weekly manicure is necessary. For the majority of Black women, scheduling biweekly nail appointments is one of the cornerstones of our beauty routine. As a cultural practice, missing a beauty appointment is a rarity since we love to step out with fresh tresses and finger tips. Additionally, self-care should be at the top of our priority list. After all, we deserve it most. Given this devotion, is there truly a need to reduce the frequency of visits to the nail salon?

According to CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold, the suggestion to do nail cycling is a myth and the key to healthy nails is regular manicures. If you frequent the nail salon, you’ve used CND. Many people think SHELLAC™ is the generic term for Gel Polish however, SHELLAC™ is a brand by CND and the ORIGINAL, patented gel polish formula. CND™ SHELLAC™ provides wear, color, protection, and shine for 14+ days of fabulous wear, with no dry time and safe, damage-free removal. 

That said, the issue is not gel polish. With a range of nail products you may have had at the nail salon, like the VINYLUX™ long wear polish, or tools like files, buffers, and cuticle erasers, each CND product is safe to use. Jan Arnold actually suggests you receive weekly manicures to maintain the health of your nails. “If you want to keep your nails healthy, regular manicures will actually help,” Arnold says. “The concept that nails need time in-between manis to ‘breathe’ is unfounded.” 

You may have tried skin cycling, the recommendation to use specific products on a certain night to enhance skin health. Nail cycling is trending for similar alleged benefits. If you notice groves, dents, or breakage on your nails then you may feel like your nails need a break from gel extensions. Regardless of any nail service or product you may or may not have on your nails, Arnold says, it is vital to use a daily care product—like CND™ SolarOil™ to keep your nails healthy and cuticles conditioned. 

The key to healthy nails, according is not nail cycling but the three C’s: care, condition, and coating. To help you repair damaged nails, opt for CND™ RESCUERXX™ . If you’re seeking a nail surface enhancer and ridge filler, allow CND™ RIDGEFX™ to be your go-to. That way, you can keep your nails healthy without nail cycling—unless, of course, you want to.


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