‘When There’s Peace In Your Home, It’s Hard Not To Stay At Home’: Cam Newton’s Partner, Jasmin Brown Gives Advice On How To Keep A Man



Comedian Watch Jazzy, also known as Jasmin Brown, has been pretty vocal about how excited she is to become a first-time mom. She’s also been showing some PDA to her man, Cam Newton, and dishing out relationship advice on Instagram. The stand-up comedian posted a series of messages on her Instagram stories.

“I am SO EXCITED to be a mom and learn so much about myself along the way,” she started in her stories. “I been that girl for a long time…now I get to be somebody’s cool ass hustling ass getting money having ass, loving, supportive, bomb ass mom???? What an honor, I take this role EXTREMELY serious. It’s Family over everything h**,” the message ended. 

Brown announced she was pregnant in October and did it in a witty way by revealing she’d be doing a comedy tour that month titled the Third Times a Charm Tour. This is in reference to her being Newton’s third baby mother. The actress also recently had an intimate baby shower with family and friends to celebrate her first bundle of joy.


After expressing her excitement about becoming a mom, Brown also gave advice on keeping a man happy. Her advice began with a meme that said, “When there’s peace in your home, it’s hard not to stay at home,” Under the meme, Brown wrote a few words of advice for the ladies.

“And some of yall be wondering why yo man don’t never want to be there. He out fightin the world and gotta come home and fight you too. And I know I know. “He wouldn’t have to fight me if he just answered the phone when I called him the first time.” You got it sis,” the message concluded. 

In a third story post, the comedian posted a video of her preparing a pedicure bowl, laying out tools for the pedicure, and doing her man’s feet. 

The caption on the video said, “And then on TOP of being a boss ass B***h, who makes her own money, thinks for herself and runs a structured household. I’m also THIS.”

Many social media fans don’t think her advice will age well and that she shouldn’t be heavily pregnant giving her man a pedicure. 

“He should be doing her feet… she’s the one carrying,” a commenter on TheYBF blog via Instagram said. 

Jasmin has been getting tons of backlash because of her pregnancy and relationship with Newton since she apparently spent time in the past advising women not to become baby moms. Despite the backlash she’s getting, she continues to double down on how happy she is and how solid her relationship with Newton is. They’ve allegedly been together since 2021, so they now have a few years under their belt.

Nonetheless, wishing her a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.


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