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A message from Bee

Makeup, entrepreneurship and beauty are things I’m literally obsessed about! I love the idea of women striving to make their own way In life and being unapologetically independent. I had such strong influences of bold, brazen and outspoken women in my life growing up, I feel so blessed. I would watch my mom get ready for work every morning, as she would put her makeup on and take rollers out of her hair. I remember at a very young age thinking, “wow she’s so glamorous”! My grandmother would go to church religiously and I would give her these extravagant earrings and watch as she put this insatiable red lipstick on and blush her cheeks. The smell of her perfume would permeate the halls of her home. I was hooked on how beauty could transform and empower. The idea, StunnerBee Beauty, the brand was formed out of the need to have Makeup Luggage that made me perform more efficient as an artist, looked luxurious and was portable. So I designed The BlackOut Collection and The ShellShock Case to fill this void in the marketplace. Product development is near and dear to my heart and it’s something I enjoy immensely. I hope you enjoy the brand as much as I do creating it.



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