Watch “Perfect Pairings” With SIMPLY® Mixology


The holiday season is here, wrapping us in a warm embrace and inviting us to explore the simple pleasures of life. Imagine a world where good friendships are like the perfect combo of your favorite drink and food—a mix that turns everyday moments into something extraordinary, especially during friend gatherings.

Teaming up with recipe developer and LA based cook, Alex Hill, Essence embarked on a journey to redefine finding your perfect pairing. Alex’s culinary expertise, combined with the innovative offerings of SIMPLY® Mixology, sets the stage for an evening filled with delightful food and bubbly conversations.

Tune in and catch these recipes are carefully crafted to make your next friends gathering the talk of the town. Because isn’t it true that the way to someone’s heart is through the perfect pairing of a great drink and a delicious meal?

Join Essence in celebrating the magic of friendship and flavor. Share your moments with us on social media, allowing everyone to witness the joy of good company and the magic of perfect pairings. In the tapestry of life, it’s the combination of great friendships and delicious tastes that creates a masterpiece worth savoring. Here’s to making memories that resonate through time! Cheers!


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