Vogue Greece February 2024 Lena Kitsopoulou


As we head into 2024, Vogue Greece is seemingly loving themselves issues dedicated to certain themes (just like Vogue Italia circa 2020 under the tutelage of Emanuele Farneti). An issue devoted to animals for January served up a duo of delightful and charming Kris Grikaite covers, and an art-themed issue is bestowed upon us for February 2024. Thaleia Karafyllidou invited author, actress, director, painter and multi-talented revolutionary Lena Kitsopoulou to produce a cover, painting her thoughts, which results in an illustrated cover image which hasn’t exactly gone down too well with members of theFashionSpot forums.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“I’m speechless, and not in a good way,” shared Kimy Jo the moment the cover struck.

“WHAT IN THE ART WORLDDDDD?” shrieked matheus_s.

Also majorly underwhelmed with the outcome was forum member aguires, sighing: “Feels like the pandemic is back.”

“I thought we were past this,” exclaimed kokobombon.

“A truly atrocious cover and a perfect example of how I loathe and cringe when magazines attempt to combine fashion and art, with zero spotlight on actual fashion. Where’s the fashion aspect here? Vogue Greece is a fashion magazine. Dumbfounded,” commented vogue28.

“It looks like someone on public transport who won’t give up their seat for someone else who’s pregnant,” mocked tigerrouge.

Are you a fan? State your case on Vogue Greece’s questionable February 2024 cover, here.


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