Vanity Table Talk Is e.l.f. Makeup’s TikTok Talk Show


TikTok’s renowned Get Ready With Me (GRWM) content finds a place at the vanity table alongside e.l.f. makeup in a new late-night talk show inspired by Jennifer Coolidge, featuring Ashley Park and Ziwe as stars. The pop-culture digital series promises to grace your For You page, providing binge-worthy material during your nightly social media scroll. With a humorous take on Jennifer Coolidge’s relationship with makeup, the show offers an exclusive glimpse into her daily routine and even explores her hypothetical lipstick name.

This summer, viewers can expect two new episodes of the e.l.f. Vanity Table, where Ashley Park and Ziwe take turns applying their makeup and engage in lively discussions about their favorite pop culture moments and more.

“E.l.f. has been engaging with culture through the lens of entertainment for years, so a bonafide content series was a natural and fun progression for the brand,” said Vice President of Integrated Marketing Communication, e.l.f. Beauty, Patrick O’Keefe.

The vanity table, adorned with a pink mirror and spotlights highlighting e.l.f. brushes, mascara, and lipstick, sets the stage for each episode. The duo will showcase their must-have products, along with exciting new launches, including the e.l.f. must-have primer portfolio, lip products, summer skincare essentials, and the latest viral beauty trends.

“We want Vanity Table Talk to bring a smile to every eye, lip and face that watches it,” stated the press release. “Jen, Ashley and Ziwe all align with the spirit of the show, and each represent the very best of beauty — they’re confident, authentic and beautifully unique.”

Established in 2004, e.l.f. Cosmetics reigns as the premier beauty company, offering accessible products catering to all aspects of the eye, lip, and face. The brand’s foundation lies in delivering the best of high-quality, prestige-inspired cosmetics and skincare at drugstore value, making it the go-to choice for Gen Z beauty enthusiasts, including both teenaged MUAs and industry favorites.

On Vanity Table Talk, viewers can take a look inside each guest’s favorite beauty trends, along with application tips and tricks. The entertainment factor goes above and beyond, captivating viewers with engaging content that surpasses the split-screen TikTok trend, featuring compelling story times woven together with ASMR clips.

SHADOW, e.l.f. ‘s creative marketing and communications agency, is the team behind the latest cinematic masterpiece in the MetaVerse, and head of casting, producing, directing, and scripting Vanity Table Talk. Award-winning actress Jennifer Coolidge acted as an agent of change to advocate for a $100,000 donation on behalf of e.l.f. to Rise for Animals, the  animal rights organization taking a stand to end animal experimentation in the beauty world.

New exclusive episodes will be released each month through August on e.l.f. ‘s social channels, including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.


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