Tyler Perry Thinks Successful Black Women Should Be Open-Minded About Splitting Bills With Their Partners


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Producer and actor Tyler Perry has rubbed some Black women the wrong way because of comments he made in a recent interview. The 54-year old shared his thoughts about splitting bills on Keep It Positive, Sweetie

“A lot of women, especially Black women, and I might get in trouble for saying this but I will,” he began. “In our society right now, Black women are making a lot more money, for the most part, than Black men.” Perry continued, “If you can find love, if that man works at whatever job and is a good man, and is good to you, and honors you, and honors the house, and honors his wife, and does what he can… because his gift might not be your gift, that is okay. That’s not somebody that’s beneath you. That’s somebody who came to love you at your worth.”

The Madea actor continued, “As long as he’s secure in himself to know that ‘yeah, she makes most of the money, all I can pay is the light bill.’ As long as she’s comfortable enough to say ‘I’m gonna cover the mortgage and all the other stuff, that is fine.” 

Some social media users argued that if a man can only afford to pay a bill here and there, maybe he’s not ready to be in a serious relationship or start a family. Some also argue that instead of telling women to lower their standards, Perry should encourage men to rise to the occasion. 

“I know people whose men can’t touch what they make,” Perry described. “But when you see them together? That love, that support, that ‘I got you, babe,’ it’s a beautiful thing.”

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One commenter said while there’s nothing wrong with dating a man who earns less, men often can’t handle when women earn more.

Perry is giving advice as a potentially single man since his last public relationship was with model and filmmaker Gelila Bekele. The two started dating in 2007 after they met at a Prince concert. The two share a one son together, Aman, who was born in 2014. Their long-term relationship ended in 2020.


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