Tyler Lepley Leaves Social Media Swooning After Doing Girlfriend Miracle Watts’ Hair


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Anybody who loves a cute couple moment may appreciate a recent post from Miracle Watts. The entrepreneur, influencer and actress shared an intimate moment with her man Tyler Lepley in an Instagram video while promoting Kaleidoscope hair products.

The video starts with the couple working together to take down her braids. Then, the new mom is seen washing her hair with shampoo and, in a voice-over, she details how much her hair has changed. 

“My hair has grown a lot and that makes me very proud,” she said. “So I asked my man to come in for some reinforcement so I could clip my ends because yall know how hard it can be to clip your ends and luckily he actually did a good job.”

She continued, “Not sure if he cut too much but you know my ends were straight and he got the job done.”

Lepley had his focus face on while he carefully clipped her hair. 

Watts continued, “Then I let this man give me a bun yall. It was so terrible but he loved it so that’s all that matters.”

The video ended with Lepley plastering kisses on his girlfriend’s face while proudly showcasing the bun and the beauty smiling sheepishly at the results. 


The girls were loving the video and sang the actor’s praises in the comment section.

“Come on now!!! Show these men how to care for their women,” one commenter wrote. 

The P-Valley co-stars have been dating for three years and recently celebrated making it to year three. Watts shared an image of the two alongside a warm caption about how much she loves Lepley. 

“Today we walk into our 3rd year of love and friendship. Its been a rollercoaster, but I’ve always loved a GOOD RIDE lol 👅 🤍 I love this man, this good fine black man!! & when you got something good, you hold onto it! MY MAN, MY MAN, MY MAN #happyanniversary,” she wrote at the time. 

Lepley and Watts welcomed their first child, Xi Leì Lepley, into the world in October. While this is her first child, Lepley has two other children from a previous relationship.


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