The Skirt Stays On During Winter


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Steering clear from skirts in the winter is a strategic way to stay warm. But, there is a way to subvert that idea. Though it might appear to be difficult during the colder months to wear skirts, it requires intentional layering and thoughtful pieces. Recently, I went into the office wearing a skirt and during my commute on the train and while walking I wasn’t nearly as cold as I should’ve been. If you start with thermal leggings or tights as a base layer to provide insulation against the cold that’s a trick that is tried and true. Wearing tights underneath your clothing during the winter never gets old. You can also opt for thicker fabrics like wool or fleece for your skirt, they offer better warmth retention. Selecting lengthy skirts is also helpful. 

One key to layering is to not just think of leggings, you must delve into envisioning the top half of your outfits as pivotal to staying warm. Tight long-sleeved tops like Uniqlo’s HeatTech pieces are must-haves. When worn under any turtleneck or sweater these options allow you to stay stylish without sacrificing comfort. Pairing thermal socks or cashmere socks with leather knee-high boots or suede booties are additional accessories you can lean on. Other additions including scarves, gloves, earmuffs, and hats are ideal too.

Below with these tips in mind, I put together a few looks to show how I wear my skirts in the winter. These breakdowns will allow you to visualize how you can achieve ultimate warmth while layering in a skirt. 

Leggings Are A Must

How To Stay Warm While Wearing A Skirt In The Winter 
Kerane Marcellus

To start this look off I paired a long-sleeved thermal top worn underneath a ribbed knit shirt. To stay warm I also am wearing a pair of Uniqlo HeatTech leggings. My skirt which was my first-ever splurge on a fashion piece is from MM6 Maison Margiela. Since it has two big slits in the front and back, the leggings make sense. Over these layers, I also am wearing a white puffer jacket thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. For footwear, I added my trusty and comfortable faux leather boots from Camper.  

Light Layers Add Up

How To Stay Warm While Wearing A Skirt In The Winter 
Kerane Marcellus

This next outfit is for the office girls. My layers are all light but, together they keep me warm in 40-degree weather. My first layers are my Uniqlo HeatTech leggings and a thermal top. The length of this skirt isn’t nearly as high and is a thicker denim material in comparison to the first look so, if you feel comfortable with sheer tights instead, go for it. My lightweight vintage Issey Miyake top from Depop is another layer that I’ve paired with a thrifted Liz Claiborne button-down blazer top. This is my version of officecore. For accessories, you can add a black or gray scarf to keep the color palette neutral. Over the outfit, for when I’m out in the cold I throw on a trench coat but if you feel colder than that opt for a wool coat or even a puffer coat. You could also wear knee-high boots with this look rather than the square-toe leather boots I have on.

Embrace Knit Skirts

How To Stay Warm While Wearing A Skirt In The Winter 
Kerane Marcellus

This outfit is for when the sun is just barely peeking through but it’s enough for wishful thinking. The first layer for this look consists of my HeatTech sweater, a thermal long sleeve, and another long sleeve T-shirt over it. My Paloma Wool skirt is made of a thick knit fabric and is quite stretchy from a few winters ago. It comes with a matching top and they have similar sets online that you can wear as is with just a lengthy wool coat over it and it’ll keep you warm. I wanted to wear a denim jacket, so I went for a dark wash option by Uniqlo that looks similar to a button-down shirt. If you want to take it up a notch while staying warm throw on a knit beanie and earmuffs to complete your look. 


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