The Fabric Of The Gospel


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Draped in an oversized church hat, perfectly paired with shoes that echo the nuance of the ensemble, the church has long been hailed as the premiere runway of Black culture. From first ladies donning their perfect whites for First Sunday to kids having to put on the peach suit you saved them for Easter; fashion and style hold a place of paramount importance alongside the sermons preached within church walls. Rooted in tradition of wearing our Sunday’s Best, the act of dressing up to honor and give our best to the divine, and even in the adornment of crosses and religious symbols, fashion has remained an enduring pillar of our cultural expression.

In her Essence Op-Ed on Easter Sunday fashion being a part of black culture, writer Taylor Crumpton explores the profound impact of the Black church experience on both Black culture and the high fashion world. From the fabrics, clothing choices, and more, the key elements that make up church fashion take on a more significant role in the fashion world. 

In all branches and forms, Christianity has significantly impacted the fashion industry. Designers like Richard Quinn or Dolce & Gabbana have drawn inspiration from motifs, while the Met Gala’s 2018 theme, Heavenly Bodies, immortalized iconic looks such as Chadwick Boseman’s preacher ensemble and Rihanna’s Pope-inspired look. 

However, amidst the dominance of white Catholic and Christian culture in high fashion, Black church attire, particularly the phenomenon of Sunday’s Best, begs the question: which Black-owned brands embody these ideals?

Crimson Road Flows 

The Fabric Of The Gospel
Crimson Flow Studios “Bullet Belts” modeled by Lucius Firmin (Photo Credit: @lucis_firmin on Instagram)

Crimson Flow Studios, a modern-day punk alternative clothing company, has amassed a growing social presence while always keeping faith at the heart of its messaging. The brand’s owner, Zion Wilson, divulges how his clothes center on Christianity and the art of design: “We are a Christian brand as much as a brand focused on design,” he shares. We desire to share the love of God, but also love creating wearable and intriguing garments that people can enjoy wearing and sharing.” This love for both can be shown by their unique use of fur, denim, and other fabrics. It’s also present through their social media page which they fill up with product postings and scriptures. 

Guyow Clothing

The Fabric Of The Gospel
Guyow Clothing creator Larry LaFrance (Photo Credit: @larrylafrance on Instagram)

Guyow Clothing, a clothing brand started by Florida A&M University student Larry LaFrance, tells me how his brand is influenced even by the church world he is a part of. “Much of the inspiration for my brand comes from the modern day and past of the church, whether through specific imagery, verses, or sayings.” Larry cites his Fall 2022 “Jesus Cares” collection as an example, as it was a saying he heard in the church that Jesus cared for everyone and their problems. He incorporated this unique saying within his brand, showcasing the church’s ongoing connection to its fashionable roots, especially the black church.

Peerless Prime 

The Fabric Of The Gospel
“First Sunday” shirts by Peerless Prime (Photo Credit: on Instagram)

Peerless Prime is one brand I found while diving deep into that helps add to the rich history of black fashion and the black church. Peerless Prime ( on Instagram) is a brand that prides itself on “bringing the community together through faith and fashion.” A specific piece that connects the history of the black church to modern-day fashion would be their “First Sunday” shirt. This shirt showcases little girls and boys at a Sunday service dressed up in their best clothes for their church. This shirt harkens back to the various figureheads of the black church experience, from the community through communion on First Sunday to the Sunday’s best that was expected of church members attending the service. 

The Fabric Of The Gospel
Back of “First Sunday” shirt from Peerless Prime (Photo Credit: Peerless Prime website)

Other brands that continue to keep the tapestry of this connection going, like Selah Clothing, showcase the conjunction of modern-day fashion with Christian motifs throughout their products. More and more black-owned brands continue to pop up, further propelling the intersection of Christianity and fashion. A connection that harkens back further into the connection of Black people and the Church. Showcasing our individuality by faith, coming in the best of the best. Our Sunday’s best can be the best in modern streetwear or the suit you have tucked in your closet.


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