Telfar Clemens Wins Best Fashion Campaign Of The Year At ESSENCE’s Best In Black Fashion Awards


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Last night, visionary designer Telfar Clemens walked up the stage at the Best In Black Fashion Awards to win the Best Fashion Campaign Of The Year. Clemens humbly thanked his casts, hosts, editors, and much more on his team. Since founding his eponymous brand in 2005 it has grown exponentially in the last few years. Clemens has built a cult following and more importantly a community within his team and followers. His brand champions authenticity, Blackness, queerness, and overall limitless creativity. His famous “Shopping Bag” grew into popularity in 2020 and from then on the sky has been the limit for his new creations. Clemens challenges what and how luxury should be defined with the ethos of accessibility. The bag is “for everyone,” and he’s made sure of that.  

As he accepted his award, it was evident that he knows it’s important to acknowledge the people that got you to where you are. Clemens embodies the ethos of his brand and does so in the way he interacts and moves within the fashion industry. When the demand for his coveted bags went up and resellers were selling the bags for higher value, Clemens birthed the bag security program. In a more recent development, the designer devised a method for enabling individuals to select their preferred prices through real-time pricing. Clemens is a true innovator, and we’re consistently excited to anticipate his next moves. It’s clear that he deserves to win this award for the distinctiveness of his approach to fashion and fashion campaigns.


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