Storm Reid Is Getting Spicy With New Endeavor


Storm Reid partnered with Coca-Cola for their new drink, Coca-Cola Spiced

Storm Reid is a force to be reckoned with. At 20 years old, she clinched her first Creative Arts Emmy, winning ‘Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series’ for her stellar performance in MAX’s The Last of Us. “This is proof that you can do anything, I’m just a young girl from Atlanta, Georgia,” Reid said in her tearful acceptance speech

Beyond the screen, she’s now channeling her creativity into diverse business endeavors, such as her latest partnership with Coca-Cola. Reid wears numerous hats, juggling her on-camera roles like playing Gia in Euphoria while expanding her empire. Simultaneously, she is advancing through her final year of studies at the University of Southern California. “You know it hasn’t been easy,” Reid tells ESSENCE. “But I think the biggest thing is staying focused, and time management.”

Though she somehow manages to juggle it all, the new Coca-Cola collaboration comes after a hiatus of more than three years. The Spiced flavor will become a permanent offering and provide Coke lovers with a new twist on a beloved classic. 

To introduce the novel flavor, Reid played a pivotal role in curating the Spiced Shop NYC, a grand two-day art installation that vividly embodies the taste experience of Coca-Cola Spiced. Infused with a delightful combination of raspberry and spice, the revamped flavor promises a thrilling adventure for your palate. Reflecting on her involvement, Reid expresses, “It was truly exciting to contribute to something like this.” Given her experience with various projects under her own brand, ArashiBlu, this endeavor was a natural fit.

Storm Reid Is Getting Spicy With New Endeavor

As artificial intelligence is emerging as a new tech innovation, Reid and Coke leaned into the technology to make the Spiced Shop NYC an AI powered tasting experience to create a visual world for the new drink. It comes as no surprise as many celebrities are integrating AI into their art – think Nicki Minaj and Gag City for her Pink Friday 2 album release. 

“Being part of the creation of Spiced Shop NYC was a thrilling journey, and it’s incredible to see how this unique space embodies the vibrant fusion of flavors in Coca-Cola Spiced. Collaborating on this project allowed me to blend my passion for creativity,” Reid says. 

As she continues to rack up accolades, she says as far as her acting career, she only wants to be apart of the equitable change everyone wants to see within the industry. Until then though, she’ll be keeping things spicy with Coca-Cola. 

Coke Spiced will hit the shelves on February 19, available in the 12oz sleek can, 12oz/12pks, 10pk mini cans,  20oz, .5L 6pks, and 2L bottles and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar will be available in a 12oz sleek can, 12oz/12pks, and 20oz bottles at most national retailers.

For more information on Coca-Cola Spiced and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar, visit or follow  @cocacola on Instagram or TikTok.


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