Sergio Hudson On His Creative Muses And The Inspirations Behind His Upcoming Collection


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Sergio Hudson, our latest cover star is gearing up to launch a new collection during New York Fashion Week in the coming days. The forthcoming range is set to build upon the aesthetics that have become synonymous with his brand. Hudson is venturing into new artistic territory too–he will also be serving up pieces that will be comprised of new, exciting textures that he hasn’t utilized in the past.

He noted that for his Spring/Summer 2024 collection, his largest sources of inspiration were the women he works with currently like our other cover star, the uber-talented Keke Palmer, and the stunning Savannah James, mother and wife to LeBron James. Palmer and Hudson’s creative partnership and friendship have been exciting to watch unfold publicly in recent years. “I was inspired by Tina Turner in the airport in the ‘70s, Linda Carter, and Bianca Jagger,” he tells “It’s a modern collection with a nod to ‘70s style.”

As for house codes, the designer will also be sticking to distinctive touches like the cinched waist, and tailored suits. There will also be feminine pieces that will have a masculine edge. New silhouettes will also be explored. 

Back in February, there were punchy colors and patterns that showed up in his Fall/Winter 2023 line. But this time around, fashion insiders can expect to see a bit of a different turn. “I took a darker approach this season, so the collection is a lot more moody,” Hudson notes. He also expresses that the colors he worked with are close to black or actually black. 

Was the power of women a guiding principle? He answered that this notion is ingrained as a guiding principle for his entire company. The designer even added that every collection he creates will always have this as a driving force. 

While his prior collection pulled from Jason Naylor’s graffiti artwork and other inclinations, we strongly feel that the upcoming pieces at his presentation will be just as distinct. Hudson has a knack not just for empowering women through clothes, but he also has a way of making fashion exuberant. That’s a notion that sets him apart from many other designers in the industry.


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