Serena Williams Shows Off Baby Adira’s Nursery – Equipped With A Walk-In Closet


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Serena Williams has been in her YouTube bag these days and because of that, we’re seeing getting more of a glimpse into her life. The tennis pro recently gave birth to her second child with husband Alexis Ohanian, named Adira. Prior to delivery, she filmed herself giving a tour of the little one’s nursery. 

In a recent YouTube video, the 41-year-old starts by sharing her plans for the nursery and we get a special appearance from daughter Olympia. The couple gave birth to the 5-year-old, their first child, in 2017.

Halfway through the video, Williams had a nursery reveal and gave viewers a tour of the room, splashed in white and red. There was a golden crown and drapery that formed a canopy above baby Adira’s crib. The nursery also had personalized pillows with the letter ‘O’ (assumedly for Ohanian) on them.

There were also stuffed hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling and a piece of artwork that confidently declares, “VICTORY REDEFINED.” 

It doesn’t stop at personalized pillows, crowns, and balloons – baby girl even has a walk-in closet for her bite-size clothes, Nike shoes and hair products.

The creative mastermind behind the nursery design is the Dutch firm, By Selina. 

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“I walked into @poppedoll @byselinabyfernando in the Netherlands and saw a baby bed that took my breath away. I wanted to see if I could get something just like it, but in my own colors of course,” Williams shared in the video description. “Not knowing the gender I wanted to do a neutral color, but not grey or yellow or brown. I wanted a something different. Red. They only had 6 weeks to make it …. And they delivered! I literally had Adira the next day! Thanks for making my nursery room dream come true.”

“It was such a privilege to design the nursery for baby Adira, without knowing the gender or name at the time,” the brand said. “Thank you for welcoming us into your home and trusting us with this special project.” 

The room was once Olympia’s. Considering how excited she was about having a sibling, she probably willingly gave the space up for her sister. 

Williams gave birth to her baby girl in August and Alexis shared the news with Instagram followers on August 22. 

“Welcome, Adira River Ohanian. Our home is now brimming with love. @serenawilliams, you have bestowed upon me another unparalleled gift. Gratitude to the incredible medical team. Introducing @olympiaohanian to her baby sister was a moment I’ll forever cherish,” the entrepreneur wrote.

He concluded the caption with the sweetest of words from a bible scripture (Isaiah 48:18): “Your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.”


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