Rihanna Vogue China Plus April 2024


You have no doubt become completely accustom to seeing Rihanna on the cover of Vogue. After all, subsequent to her very first back in 2011, covers for just about every intentional edition of Vogue have since followed. The Barbadian singer and beauty mogul has covered everything from British Vogue to Vogue Arabia and Vogue Australia to Vogue Italia – and now fronts the Vogue China Plus supplement for April 2024. To commemorate the launch of Fenty Beauty in Mainland China, photographer Hailun Ma and stylist Alvin Yu team up to profile Rihanna, who sports a custom and heavily-embellished look designed by Pharrell Williams at Louis Vuitton Menswear.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Why do her hands look so weird? Like they don’t belong to her. What’s going on?” asked blueorchid.

“At this point, a Rihanna cover is as warranted as a Sienna Miller cover. I simply don’t care for it,” scoffed a disapproving aracic.

Also not exactly jumping for joy was vogue28: “Not impressed by any of this, whatsoever. It’s all an incoherent mess, amateur and a total visual headache. The styling with the cowboy hat instantly reminded me of Rihanna’s April 2016 British Vogue cover by Craig McDean.”

Balmain1914 wasn’t best impressed either, shrieking: “Instagram quality!”

A select few, however, liked what they saw with Bertrando3 commenting: “Love it all! It’s camp as hell but it works with her.”

“I think this suits Rihanna’s personality and image. Very strong images,” defended WAVES.

A hit or miss of a Rihanna x Vogue China moment? Have your say over on theFashionSpot forums, here.


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