Ralph Lauren Holiday 2023 Ad Campaign


There’s very few fashion houses which are so synonymous with glamour and sophistication nowadays, with the firm exception of Ralph Lauren. Subsequent to the all-American designer founding his namesake label back in 1967, we’ve been sold a whole lifestyle as opposed to just… clothes. Little has changed, even in 2023, and the brand’s Holiday 2023 advertising campaign has proved to be nothing short of spectacular. Giving us pure unapologetic festive holiday glamour, with endless amounts of sophistication, the campaign is a lesson in glamorous holiday dressing. Photographed by Steven Pan, a selection of models including Akon Changkou, Amrit, Caroline Trentini, Felice Nova Noordhoff, Chloe Oh, Vivienne Rohner, Juhyung Kan and Charles Oduro to name just a few, assemble within Pan’s photographic studio for the occasion, each dripping in their Ralph Lauren finery.


Needless to say, the campaign proved to be an instant hit amongst members of our forums. “Very sophisticated,” Urban Stylin admired.

“Flawless. Absolutely flawless. A splendid holiday campaign, which just oozes luxury, style and glamour. Ralph Lauren is one of those few brands in which I could just be completely immersed. I could dress in head-to-toe Ralph Lauren forever, decorate using Ralph Lauren Home from floor-to-ceiling, live inside the campaigns/catalogues – the whole enchilada,” raved vogue28.

“Caroline!” exclaimed GoldenPetals, immediately approving of the casting.

Ralph Lauren Holiday 2023 by Steven Pan

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