Omarion And Apryl Jones Took Their Kids To Disney World For Their First Family Trip Together



Omarion and Apryl Jones are moving forward, proving that respectful and fun co-parenting can exist. The parents of Megaa and A’mei recently traveled from sunny Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida, to enjoy some quality family time. Their first trip as a family unit consisted of epic rollercoaster rides, beautiful group pictures, and quality time. Everyone seemed to be in great spirits based on Omarion’s video clips featured on Instagram, and the fans appreciated seeing him and Jones co-parenting healthily.

“Watch til the end to see how our day ended at Disney World,” the artist captioned the Instagram Reel alongside a laughing emoji. “Don’t let anything stop you from having a great day.”

In March, the R&B singer and “unbothered king” appeared on Sway’s ‘Sway In The Morning’ radio show and provided an update on co-parenting with Jones and meeting her rumored on and off again boyfriend, Taye Diggs. “I will say we have been moving towards a better relationship at this particular point in time for the kids. It’s all good; it was just something we went through. I think as long as respect is over-stood and appreciated within the scope of the blended family, then I think you can virtually get through anything,” he said to Sway. 

Despite the two being together for several years before subsequently splitting in 2016 after the birth of their youngest child, A’mei, they are happily moving forward individually. While Jones has reportedly been in a relationship with The Best Man Diggs, there’s still some question if they are still together, especially after a recent Instagram live with included commentary from her eight-year-old son, Megga. During the Instagram Live, Megaa candidly shared his thoughts regarding his mother’s relationship status. “Everybody keeps saying, ‘Where is Taye?’” said Jones. “He ain’t here,” Megaa replied. “He ain’t working, he ain’t here. We ain’t know specifically [if] he’s working or not. Did he text you? Show me the text!” the child stated. 

Whatever Jones’ relationship status, we’re happy that she and Omarion are trying to co-parent intentionally.


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