New Scholarship Created In Honor of Ralph Yarl, The Black Teen Who Was Shot Ringing The Wrong Doorbell



On Saturday, KC Scholars held a private screener of “Till”, the movie which tells Emmett Till’s story from his mother Mamie Till-Mobley’s perspective, where they announced a new “$50,000 scholarship in the name of Ralph Yarl.”

The new scholarship “complements the work of the KC Scholars organization,” whose motto is “[a] good-paying job and education should be available to everyone.”

According to their website, “KC Scholars provides scholarships, financial incentives, and support services for low- and modest- income students and adults as they complete a post-secondary credit-bearing credential or degree.”

Lewis shared with the audience that, during a previous conversation with Yarl, his principal “questions dealt with ensuring that awarding the scholarship would be a fair process.”

In April, then 16-year old Yarl was attempting “to pick up his younger brothers to take them home from visiting friends.” Ralph went to the right house number, but instead of going to an address with “terrace” in the name, he inadvertently went to a “street.”

The homeowner Andrew Lester shot at Yarl through the front door, delivering two shots, “once in the head and again in the arm after he fell on the stoop.”

Ralph is still in the recovery process, but he was able to attend the screening of Till along with his mother Cleo Nagbe.

After the credits rolled, Natalie Lewis, KC Scholars’ Chief Operating Officer, welcomed Nagbe to the stage, where she made the announcement about “the new award, which will go to an area high school junior.”

Till’s story evokes some parallels to Yarl’s, and Nagbe publicly “thanked those present for their support, acknowledging the stress of the ongoing case.”

As of June 1, after being delayed for 90 days, Lester’s preliminary hearing “was set for Aug. 31-Sept…. [he] remains free after posting $20,000 – 10% of his $200,000 bond.”

Nagbe also said, “God decided to begin the story with saving Ralph’s life, and we are grateful for that,” adding “But we don’t know how the story ends.”

While delivering her remarks at the Saturday event, Lewis also issued a challenge to the audience, urging them “to work toward addressing bias and for an equitable justice system.”


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