Micro And Capsule Hotels Around The World That Offer Big Experiences


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Since gaining popularity in Japan in the late ’70s capsule hotels and microhotels have spread across Europe and North America. Their increased popularity makes sense, because for many tourists, the essence of travel lies in experiencing the outdoors — not sitting in a hotel room.

As the weather improves and wanderlust beckons, the idea of alternative accommodations offering a unique experience beyond traditional hotels, hostels, or shared Airbnb options is gaining traction. Hotel design plays a pivotal role in this evolution, with microhotels or “microtels” and capsule hotels emerging as innovative options for travelers seeking a sleek and distinctive stay. What makes these two options different is while a microhotel has a much smaller room than what’s standard, while a capsule hotel is essentially a small space with a bed and no room to walk around. These smaller accommodations offer more than just simplicity; they are also cost efficient and comfortable.

Whether you’re stuck at an airport, facing a daytime layover, or simply aiming to pack light so you can focus on exploring, micro and capsule hotels provide a compelling solution. Small but mighty, they offer memorable, comfortable travel experiences without breaking the bank.

With a range of budget-friendly options available, you no longer need to splurge to enjoy stylish accommodations. Today’s minimalist lodgings showcase innovative design concepts that invite visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant heart of destinations around the world. Here are a few you have to see.

This European chain, present in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and now in Denmark, offers the essence of micro-accommodation to explore Copenhagen. Featuring small, soundproofed rooms with color-changing lights and shared bathrooms that are consistently clean, capsule rooms provide a cozy cabin-like experience. Located in the vibrant Vesterbro neighborhood, guests can enjoy a communal hangout area with insulation and ventilation, along with a self-service bar for added convenience.

Experience a quirky stay in Sydney with a contemporary twist at QT Sydney. While there’s no pool, this hotel boasts a cool design and offers a restaurant, bar, cafe, and day spa for guests to unwind. Nestled in the CBD (Central Business District), it’s conveniently close to bars and nightlife venues.

For those traveling with a partner, consider opting for one of the largest rooms available within the microhotel category at Moxy New York. With properties in 25 countries, Moxy offers a modern travel experience, complete with a rooftop bar and lounge. Although sleek and compact, these rooms provide a functional yet stylish retreat, perfect for indulging in the buzz of the city. Check out multiple locations, from Times Square to Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Ideal for solo travelers, the minimalist design in this gem in Singapore offers a restful retreat equipped with privacy blinds and a folding table. With shared bathrooms and a location within easy reach of the city center and Marina Bay, it provides a simple, but convenient and comfortable stay.

Explore Japan’s beloved microhotel options by starting at Book and Bed Hostel, a unique blend of library and capsule hotel. With a selection of 4,000 books to peruse, it’s not just a place to stay but also a haven for book lovers. Conveniently located near Shinjuku Station in Kabukicho, it’s a popular choice for travelers seeking a cozy spot to read and relax.

Make a bold entrance into Canada’s first capsule hotel, the Pangea Pod Hotel. Located near Whistler Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain Bike Park, it’s a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring pods with privacy curtains and excellent dining options, Pangea is centrally located in Whistler Village, just steps away from the slopes.


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