Martin Lawrence Teams Up With Shannon Sharpe For Hilarious Super Bowl Ad


Courtesy of Oikos

Throughout his almost 40 years in the entertainment industry, Martin Lawrence has provided laughter and light for millions of people worldwide. Now, the iconic comedian is tackling his first ever Super Bowl commercial.

Lawrence teamed up with NFL Hall of Famer and ESPN co-host Shannon Sharpe for a hilarious video ad for Oikos ahead of the big game. In the commercial, the two come together for a game of golf—which quickly becomes a display of strength not for the former Denver Broncos tight end, but the Bad Boys star instead. Although Sharpe has one of the biggest personalities in media, Martin says he also has another side to him.

“Shannon’s very quiet, and if you talk to him between takes, he’ll communicate with you and everything, but when it’s time to shoot, he’s very focused and he goes into his work,” Lawrence says during an interview. “That’s the good thing about Shannon because I’m a lot like that as well. I don’t talk too much before I start my acting or whatever I’m doing. But he’s a lot of fun and has a lot of knowledge.”

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The Super Bowl has become the most watched event on television, and with this Oikos promo, Lawrence can finally say he’s filmed a commercial surrounding this annual sporting behemoth. The Halftime Show, legendary players and memorable moments all contribute to the game’s still unmatched popularity. The football spectacle continues to grow because “everybody’s rooting for somebody,” the comic says.

“Everybody loves to see a winner,” he adds. “And there’s those people that love to see the loser. So, it’s just competition and entertainment that we all need.” In addition to his collaboration with the Club Shay Shay creator, Martin also has some grandiose plans for 2024. “Well, you can expect Bad Boys 4 on June 14th,” he says with a smile. “And this one has a chance to be the best one of them all. Then, I’m going to be heading out for a tour at some point.”

The legendary comic is beginning the new year with a bang. With the news of his new film with Will Smith and a tour on the horizon, 2024 is poised to become Lawrence’s best year to date.


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