Kierra Sheard Celebrated Upcoming Arrival Of Daughter Khloe Drew With A Pretty In Pink Baby Shower


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Gospel singer Kierra Sheard has much to be thankful for at the moment and her baking baby girl is at the top of the list. The 36-year-old first time mom-to-be just had her baby shower and expressed her excitement and gratitude in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Yesterday was our first baby shower and our village showed up,” the caption under a slide of photos began. “ My family and friends love me, and the way they make it known always reminds me of how God loves us through people. They turned a strolling baby shower into an actual sitting and warm shower by taking time out of their day to show up and be present by flying in, staying, stopping by, improv hosting, improv assisting, gifting, praying, loving, cheering, and so much more,” Sheard wrote. 

The images included a stunning pink party with enchanting floral decor and chic centerpieces for the tables. Some of the other images were shots of Sheard in a pink gown, her growing bump, and her husband Jordan Kelly looking joyful. It could easily be the couple’s first unofficial family photo with their new addition.  

The caption continued, “I’m secure in knowing that God has given us people, who will show up for our daughter as they’ve shown up for us. To feel as secure as I’ve felt from child to woman, is a blessing and privilege, and our sweet baby has some prayer warriors, beautiful souls, genuine hearts, and safe goons to love, correct, and cover her. We are beyond appreciative of every last one of you; and even you who I know would’ve made an effort had you known.”

The baby’s name appears to be Khloe Drew according to one of the images, which had the name spelled out on a bear, which doubled as a napkin holder. 

Sheard also went on to thank her parents, Grammy Award-winning singer Karen Clark Sheard and Pastor J. Drew Sheard, in the caption for setting a good example for her. Last but not least, she dedicated some loving words to her husband. 

“Husband, @mrjordankelly thank you for contributing to your wife’s alot-ness of our shower. Lmbo,” she wrote. “I’m proud of you! Our daughter will adore you. Thank you for being attentive and ready for her arrival. You’ve been so gentle and I’m so grateful to have you as husband, partner, friend, and baby’s zaddy! Your prayers are powerful and so authoritative. You speak with such certainty when it comes to your family and I’m proud/ blessed to be your wife. I honor you. Today was one for the books! Thank you again and again for making your girls proud. Your choices for the sanity of your wife and daughter will go a long way and we trust you with it, because God trusts you with it and us! I love you husband! I love you family,” the caption concluded. 

Sheard and Kelly celebrated two years of marriage in December 2022 and are headed to the three-year mark shortly. This will be their first child together and they announced the news back in May. We’re wishing the vocal powerhouse a safe delivery and joyful motherhood journey. 


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