In The Chair With: Kahh Spence


Photo: Courtesy of Cindy Romero

“In The Chair With” spotlights the incredible hairstylists in our community who are giving us major inspiration. Each week, they discuss their personal hair and career journeys, what they’ve learned from their clients, and their top hair care tips. 

When it comes to hairstyling, Kahh Spence stands out. His versatile abilities shine through on everything he touches: from perfectly swept baby hairs on Victoria Monét, to an elegant bob on Kelly Rowland. When he’s not effortlessly creating stunning looks,, he can be found working as the ambassador for OGX Hair Care brand, and even spoke at this year’s Beautycon

Spence has been passionate about the world of beauty since he was 13. “My mom loved everything that encompassed vanity. While my brothers were into wrestling and things like that, my mom allowed me to be in the spaces she enjoyed, which I’m grateful for,” he says. It also didn’t hurt that his father was a barber as well. However, the following year,  he realized he wanted to become a hairstylist. “My aunt was going to a Mary J. Blige concert and she asked me to cut her hair. The next day, she showed me pictures and was bragging about it. She really loved it.” Discovering the ability to enhance other’s confidence was the catalyst for him to realize his passion for hairstyling.

Throughout high school, he found himself constantly using his friends as “test dummies” to try out different styles. During his time at Brooklyn College, he began working with his model friend, Afiya Bennett. This later led to collaborations with Elle Varner and Cardi B. “In 2015, things really began to blossom. I remember thinking, ‘I can really do this and make a living out of this.’”

Below, Spence opens up about his career journey, the hair care myths he wants to debunk, and more. 

In The Chair With: Kahh Spence
Photo: Courtesy of Kath Spence.

His current favorite product

“I will say lately they’ve definitely been the OGX oils. One of my favorites is the Argan Oil of Morocco. I love using it on myself because I’ve been rocking the buzz cut recently. I love it on my scalp and how it feels, but I also love using it on my clients as well.”

His top hair health tip

“My top tip is to really focus on what your diet looks like, your stress levels, your hydration, and your vitamin intake. Healthy hair starts from within. As much as we preach about everything topical, hair grows from the root.” 

A hair myth he wants to debunk

“The biggest one of them all, everyone thinks trimming your hair every 3 months is good. I do think we should be getting trimmed, but I also think we should be maintaining a healthy lifestyle to make sure that, as the hair is growing from the root, it’s growing really healthy as well.”

What he’s learned from his clients

“I’ve learned the importance of really following what makes you happy. I think each client is so unique in their own right. But one of the things that I’ll say I took from Sheryl Lee Ralph was this idea of really following your heart, following your dreams, and passions, and really going after what it is you see fit. It’s all about not listening to the naysayers or the folks that don’t truly believe in what it is that you want to do. As long as you believe, and as long as the God you serve really believes in what it is that you want to do, continue to do it and do it with all the passion you have.”

How he uplifts his clients

“Even before we start, I always greet them with how beautiful they look. I always let them know that they’re loved. I always make sure that my energy is on 1000 so that it transfers over into their energy. Anytime I notice a client’s not feeling well or doing well, I’m the one that’s bringing the energy up.”

In The Chair With: Kahh Spence
Photo: Courtesy of Kahh Spence.


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