I Tried The Nano Infusion Facial at Heyday Skincare– Here’s How It Went


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Since last year, my new year’s resolution has been to focus on skincare. As someone with oily and sensitive skin, I started investing a lot of time and effort into finding the right beauty products. Additionally, I began getting regular facials and have been loving the benefits it has for my skin. A few months ago, I discovered the Nano Infusion Facial at Heyday Skincare, and decided to give it a try. 

To learn more about what a nano infusion facial is, below, I detail my experience with the help of Sasha Banner, a skincare trainer and licensed esthetician, and Juan Estwick, licensed esthetician, who share the benefits of this service.

What is a Nano Infusion Facial?

The Nano Infusion Facial is a treatment that uses a serum to hydrate, rejuvenate, and refine your skin without using needles. “The service utilizes a motorized pen with several single-use microscopic stainless steel or silicon pyramids that make micro-channels into the skin without piercing it,” Banner says. It goes deep in the surface layer of your skin to help promote collagen production, boost hydration, and heal your skin. 

The session

I was introduced to an esthetician who would perform my facial and discuss my skincare goals with me. Like always, I wanted to achieve a radiant, flawless look, just like my favorite celebrities. While the esthetician went to the back to grab the products, I comfortably laid on the bed and let her work her magic. 

The facial took about five to ten minutes. Since I’m always on the go, this was a perfect facial to squeeze during a day of events. “You will feel a slight vibration while the pen moves over the skin,” Estwick said. “The feeling can be a bit more intense in areas that are thinner or have more bone. For example, the forehead, nose, and under eyes.” 

Does it work for all skin types?

According to Banner and Estwick, this facial works for all skin types. “Nano is suitable for most skin types,” Banner says. “Nano infusion does not actually puncture or wound the skin. Clients with more melanated skin tones can safely receive a nano infusion service without any adverse reaction or chances of hyperpigmentation.” 

The results

After speaking with Banner and Estwick, I can agree with the amazing results. The facial will leave your skin feeling like cashmere. “Your skin will look and feel hydrated, bright and smoother,” Estwick said. “It also enhances the skin’s capability for nutrient absorption.” Right before my facial was done, I headed to check myself in the mirror as the facial minimizes my pores, reduces scars, and hydrates my skin. For a facial for under $100, I can attest that I’d definitely recommend it to my girlfriends. 


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