How The Design Duo Behind House Of Aama Gets Ready For New York Fashion Week


House Of Aama

House of Aama, the brainchild of mother-daughter design duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, is preparing to make waves at New York Fashion Week. Founded in 2015, this innovative brand seamlessly blends elements of African heritage, folklore, and Blackness with contemporary design, creating unique pieces that resonate with their audience and supporters.

As they gear up for their presentation at this season’s NYFW, the duo is drawing inspiration from the cosmos for their latest collection. With a theme centered around space travel, and other elements, we’re expecting to see otherworldly designs. The designers have been meticulously crafting their pieces, infusing each garment with their signature style of storytelling. Before the chaos ensues, we asked the duo about their self-care regimens from skin care to mental health to prepare them for the ups and downs of putting on a runway show. As NYFW approaches, are you taking any specific steps to prepare your skin for the upcoming stress, or do you plan to indulge in a spa day?

Akua Shabaka: We both are heavily invested in nighttime skin care routines that consist of cleansing, serums, and moisturizing. Rebecca also is on a rotating routine of retinol and lip care at night.

Rebecca Henry: We both try to adhere to this routine for the health of our skin and as a source of self-care during the hectic Fashion Week seasons.

Are there any non-fashion-related activities or hobbies you indulge in to take your mind off the upcoming Fashion Week?

AS: Rebecca likes to cook and enjoys time at home.

RH: Akua likes to take luxurious baths and hang out with friends during these hectic times.

How The House Of Aama Design Duo Gets Ready For New York Fashion Week
House of Aama

Is there a specific TV series or film that you find yourself drawn to as a means of resetting before the hustle and bustle of NYFW?

AS: Rebecca likes to watch travel videos on YouTube and dream of her next international vacation.

RH: Akua likes to watch international TV shows and is currently watching Black Cake on Hulu.

Amidst the chaos of preparing for NYFW, what strategies or practices help you stay grounded and focused? 

AS: Rebecca stays grounded and focused by practicing gratitude and morning prayers.

RH: Akua is the project manager for House of Aama and stays grounded and focused by making task lists and crossing the tasks off as they are completed.

Do you have a go-to uniform or outfit that you wear during NYFW to avoid overthinking and streamline your focus?

AS: [We] both like to wear comfortable House of Aama Camp Aama crewnecks and casual wear to run errands and handle tasks.

Are you someone who believes in incorporating superstitious rituals to ensure a smooth and successful Fashion Week?

AS: [We] both rely heavily on [our] connection to [our] ancestors and spiritual traditions to claim a smooth and successful Fashion Week.

How The House Of Aama Design Duo Gets Ready For New York Fashion Week
House of Aama

When you’re seeking inspiration, what genre or type of music do you typically turn to? Name a song. 

AS: [We] like trap music for grinding hard and getting stuff done and also gospel music. [Rebecca’s] favorite gospel group is the Clark Sisters and her favorite song is “Speak Lord.” [My] go-to song is 50 Cent’s “Hustler’s Ambition.”

What is the most thoughtful or kindest gesture you do for yourself and your team after the whirlwind of NYFW has concluded?

AS: [We] both like spa days to recover and recoup after NYFW.

If you could dress any historical Black figure or fictional character for Fashion Week, who would it be and why?

AS: Rebecca’s favorite era was the Glamorous ‘30s and she would have loved to have dressed Billie Holiday.

RH: Akua would have loved to have dressed the funk diva Betty Davis.

Can you share a quirky or unusual source of inspiration that influenced your collection for this Fashion Week?

AS: [We] were both influenced by space travel among other inspirations for this latest collection.


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