Here Are The 2024 Dating Trends To Take Your Romantic Life To The Next Level



Despite the many ups and downs of dating and relationships in 2023, many people are eager to continue to search for love but still find the marketplace harder to navigate. We predict that singles will prioritize taking time to evaluate what they truly want from a potential partner, whether that’s ensuring their values align or having the same interests; women are taking ownership of their needs and desires for their romantic lives. We tapped two dating and relationship psychology experts, Ebony Butler and Shae Primus, to receive a better understanding of 2024 dating trends to look out for. 

2024 dating trends predictions from psychologist Ebony Butler: 

Genuine connection over love bombing.

When looking across social media and dating app profiles, I see that people mention that I want genuine connections with other people over quick hookups and false intimacy. People are saying that they are looking for a friend and someone honest. People have had enough of the fake presentations and pretenses that have traditionally come with dating apps and social media.

Virtual meetups before formal dates.

More people also require virtual dates before in-person dates. When I’ve asked people what this is about, many say they value their time and want to save it meeting someone they can’t even catch a vibe with over the phone. So, people are gravitating more toward FaceTime, video calls, and phone calls.

Values and alignment over superficial standards. 

The days of superficial standards are fading. The more society heals and does self-care and healing work, the more attuned we become to our values and alignment. In our quest to be more aligned with our higher selves, we also require potential partners to do the same. This also prompts folks to have rough connotations up front. People ask about children, religious beliefs, family connections, and future goals sooner. So, the dating trend of vetting the values of potential partners is on the rise!

Dating across age groups.

More and more people entering the dating scene are letting go of their rules around how old their potential partner must be. Younger people match with more senior potential partners, and older potential partners open their market to younger suitors. What a partner has to offer is becoming less about age and more about values, standards, alignment, and future goals!

2024 dating trends predictions from noted matchmaker and founder of Upper Echelon Matchmaking, Shae Primus.

Spinning the block with an ex (cue Ashanti/Nelly). 

Several people will begin reevaluating their past lovers and thinking their ex wasn’t so bad. We will see more resurrected relationships.

An increase in ethical non-monogamy. 

More couples will explore non-traditional relationship dynamics such as two boyfriends, two girlfriends, polyamory, open relationships, or just swinging from time to time.

More long-distance relationships.

COVID has allowed many people the option to work virtually, which makes dating someone in another city/state/country even more accessible. Expect people to be more open to dating without borders.

Prioritizing mental health. 

There continues to be a push towards mental health, and this means more people will value emotional wellness over physical features. Look for fewer toxic relationships and more focus on wholeness, setting boundaries, and excellent communication.

Becoming more open. 

A rise in the popularity of short kings. I predict more women will stop eliminating men who are not 6 feet, realizing that they are all chasing the same men. They will begin to look beyond height, focusing on specific qualities and character traits- this will increase relationships and marriage rates. 


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