Happy Birthday, Aaliyah! 12 Of Her Iconic Moments



Aaliyah would’ve been 45 years old today, and the legacy she left behind is still just as strong today. Her music touched the lives and hearts of so many people. She was and still is an inspiration to so many sonically and stylistically as her artistry, whether through her music, her videos, or her looks, she was always true to herself, and that’s what made her so special.

Known for not just her silky voice but her blend of femme and tomboy style with baggy cargo pants, big jackets, crop tops, and bone-straight black hair covering her left eye, she started trends in her industry, and it trickled down to the mainstream. She made that her signature look and even told MTV in an interview, “I dress in my baggy clothes every day, and I am a laid-back person, which is what I portray on camera.” She’d always been genuine in who she was, and when it was time to switch up to a more feminine vibe, it was still fitting to her overall aesthetic.

Happy Birthday, Aaliyah! 12 Of Her Iconic Moments
Aaliyah (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

As we celebrate her beautiful life and contribution to R&B and hip-hop musically and culturally, take a look through a few of her iconic looks and moments.


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