Fei Fei Sun Vogue China March 2024


Margaret Zhang has had quite the appetite for endorsing Chinese models as Vogue China’s cover stars of late – and we’re 100% here for it. Sherry Shi, Mengyao Wang, Huijia Chen and Hejia Li covered December, Chu Wong graced a duo of covers for January and Zhang herself shot Du Juan for February. Zhang, who is soon to depart the magazine as editor, now welcomes Fei Fei Sun as the Chinese fashion bible’s March 2024 cover girl. Fei Fei, one of China’s most prolific models, is captured by photographer Zoey Grossman. Dressed by stylist Alvin Yu in a look from Sabato De Sarno’s debut Gucci collection for Spring 2024, Fei Fei poses in the eye-catching and intriguing cover image sporting a head full of voluminous curls.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Oh no… that hair was a (BAD) choice!” exclaimed DK92.

“I don’t understand the styling,” chimed in aracic. “I really doesn’t work for me which is disappointing because I’m usually delighted to see Fei Fei Sun!”

“Very weird. Fei Fei is impossible to ruin completely though, so she is owning it as usual,” noted dontbeadrag.

“I don’t mind the big hair,” shared forum member WAVES.

Oaklee91 most certainly was a fan of Vogue China’s latest, raving: “I LOVE EVERYTHING! Yaaassss! She never disappoints!”

“Quite fond of this cover,” replied vogue28 in agreement. “It’s fun, and I can appreciate the simplicity of the Gucci teamed with the huge voluminous hair. Everything, for me, is working here.”

“LOVE! Quite different from what other editions of Vogue have been doing for March,” approved zippyo.

See more of Fei Fei Sun as Vogue China’s March 2024 cover star and share your own thoughts, here.


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