Fashion Insiders Share Relaxation Tips Ahead of New York Fashion Week


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New York Fashion Week can only be described as beautiful chaos. The runways and presentations are filled with head-turning designs, the streets oozing with style, and insiders like editors, stylists, and creative directors taking it all in. While NYFW can look utterly glamorous, insiders know the struggle of rushing to get to a runway show, and sometimes missing a presentation entirely because the one slated to run before was running late. There are the after-parties, the countless showroom appointments, and the dinners that are hard to say no to, and through all of those invite-only events; you still have to file stories, and pay attention to trends. 

There’s also preparation for NYFW, from pulling outfits via public relations firms to booking nail and hair appointments. It can all add to a big bundle of stress during the week, but these fashion lovers are trying to do the stressful days ahead differently this season. They’re taking care of their minds and bodies to ensure that they don’t have a burnout post-fashion week. 

Rajni Jacques, global head of fashion and beauty at Snapchat says that New York Fashion Week is the calm before the storm. To prep for the slew of shows and events on the horizon she plans to take things easy by “going to the beach, having backyard barbecues and hanging out with family and friends.” Keeping things lowkey is her go-to.

Sometimes choosing yourself means taking a step back, which freelance fashion editor Shelton Boyd Griffith is doing. He says, “I usually do the absolute most for New York Fashion Week, but this season I’m dialing it back [by] being sustainable and remixing things already in my closet.” He also is switching things up a bit by prioritizing a lighter show schedule. “I’m [also] prioritizing scheduling longer gaps in between my itinerary to eat, spend time with my friends, and just take it easy.”

Vogue producer Cassandra Pintro is setting aside time to take care of herself too.  Her tip is to do “lots of walking and workouts to decompress.” She’s also getting ahead on her workload so that the overflow of the insanely busy week won’t stop her from enjoying herself.

“I usually take a day off and get a facial or head to a spa just to massage my body and feet before all of that walking around,” shares Huffington Post culture reporter Ruth Samuel. She also mentions that Sojo Spa in New Jersey has become a safe haven for her since last season’s shows. 

Regarding New York Fashion Week, Bianca Betancourt, the culture editor at Harper’s Bazaar says it’s a “marathon—not a sprint.” She says taking care of herself, getting a facial, staying active with her Pilates classes, and spending time outside with her dog gets her through. Betancourt continues, “If I’m not taking care of myself leading up to the big week, then I’ll burn out easily.” 

If you’re preparing for the mayhem of fashion week, heed the tips these insiders have shared. Your health and mental well-being should always come first because there will always be a next season. 


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