Epi.logic Celebrates Their 4 Year Anniversary With An Intimate, High Energy Party


courtesy of Epi.logic

“Turning 4 feels inspiring,” epi.logic founder, Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, tells ESSENCE. To celebrate the milestone this week, the skincare brand invited their community to Bed Stuy’s BarRoom at Dick & Jane’s for an intimate yet high energy night. A curated playlist hummed in the background as guests sipped wine, laughed, and mingled. “The real treat of the evening was seeing everyone take turns busting open our custom Total Package Peptide Cream piñata,” Samantha Mims, epi.logic’s skin therapist says. “And no one left empty handed. That was the icing on the cake.”

Dr. Jeanniton launched epi.logic in 2019 with the desire to treat her patients’ skin concerns and add warmth to the world of clinical skincare. Since then, they’ve launched iconic products– including their bestselling Master Plan Growth Factor Serum. Additionally, they’ve amassed a dynamic community, and nailed important retail partnerships including Thirteen Lune, Violet Grey, and Bergdorf Goodman. “It’s fantastic to see what we’ve achieved over the past few years,” Jeanniton says. “The best part is knowing that this is the first 4 of many more years to come. We’ve got boundless potential energy.”

Epi.logic Celebrates Their 4 Year Anniversary With An Intimate, High Energy Party
Courtesy of epi.logic.

When it came to relaunching last year, Dr. Jeanniton knew she wanted to “double down” on her initial brand intention. “It’s hard not to fret about disappointing your day-one loyalists,” Jeanniton says of the difficult decision. But with the support and new-and-improved playful packaging, Dr. Jeanniton is feeling more inspired than ever. “I’m feeling the love for the relaunch and realizing our ride-or-dies are still in our corner.”

“I’ve been able to watch epi.logic expand in the last four years and witness the groundbreaking power in each product,” Mims says. “To be able to work with a brand and a team that continuously delivers strong results is a dream.” Positive customer, and facial client, feedback affirms this sentiment. 

As they head into year 5 and beyond, you can expect new launches, skin treatments, and global expansion. “We can’t wait to continue innovating. “I’m really looking forward to all of the exciting partnerships we have in the works,” Dr. Jeanniton says. “I’m also excited to see where this all takes us next,” Mims adds. “I look forward to more recognition, improvement in sales, and better skin for all.”


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